Ed Sheeran's guide to becoming a musician

Ed Sheeran shares his top tips on how to become a musical megastar Discuss this article

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Why should someone be musician?
You shouldn’t be a musician unless you want to if I’m being honest. I’m a musician because I love it, I enjoy it and it makes me feel happy playing and performing in front of people. If it makes you feel happy too then you should be a musician.

And why did you choose the guitar?
I was really into Eric Clapton when I was younger, so I wanted to play it like him. That was the first time I picked up a guitar after listening to him.

What’s your favourite Eric Clapton hit?
Leila. That was the song that really made me want to play guitar.

Tell people how they can write their own piece of music.
I would suggest to just start writing down your thoughts I guess and I would also try to emulate other song writers you like and find interesting. This is a great way to learn how to write a song by taking another song and making it sound like that. Just don’t release it if it sounds too similar.

How do you get better as a musician, is it practice?
Yes, it is all about practice. Do a lot of playing, a lot of writing and a lot of singing and every day try and better yourself. It is only through hard graft a willingness to be better as an overall musician that you will see the rewards.

Last question. The three coolest people you’ve ever met…
Beyonce, Jay Z…and Elton John.

By Patrick Hulbert
Time Out Doha,

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