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You’re coming to Doha! Have you been here before?
This is my first time in Doha! I can't wait to see what it’s like. I love discovering new places and things. It's so fun that I get to do that.

Is it different performing in the Middle East?
The intense heat is the main difference for me. The crowd is just as up for having fun as anywhere else I go, though. My show is a little bit different every night as I get a lot from interacting with and feeling the vibe of the crowd that I'm singing for. That's the thrill of performing, really. There is a certain element of the unknown.

Your albums have been described as ‘perfect pop albums’—how do you do that? What are the keys to a good pop tune?
Pop just means that a lot of people like it and can sing along. It's important to me that my music is accessible and that people feel a bit of themselves in it. Good pop music is not selfish. It's not just for the person on the stage; it is for those who are listening. A good song expresses things you wish you could find words for: “drench yourself in words unspoken.”

A lot of people look down their noses at pop—why do you think that is?
There are a lot of songs that have given pop a bad rep. They lower the bar musically and lyrically and can dull people's tastes, like fast food or cigarettes.

Saying that, I do think there is room for all kinds of music in the world. From classical and experimental masterpieces to basic and entertaining, get-on-the-floor-and-shake-it beats. I feel there is a place for all things at certain times; even the guilty yet meaningless pleasure now and then can be just the right thing. As for my songs, many are pop in structure and have enjoyed a large number of plays on the radio, but they always have soul in them with many layers and words that mean a lot to me.

Speaking of, what’s on your iPod?
I make a Spotify playlist every month if you want to see what I'm in to at the moment.

What’s your guilty pleasure track?
"Lose My Breath" by Destiny's Child

What’s the appeal of pop? For you as an artist? For listeners?
The kind of music that is classified as pop is changing all the time. Pop just means popular. Pop is whatever people like, whether that is David Guetta, Rihanna, Taylor Swift or Mumford and Sons. They are different in style and musical origins, but the common factor is that they are what people want to hear at the moment.

Although many people think pop is quite light, your songs are always so layered with meaningful lyrics: what’s it like writing that way? Is it hard?
Song writing is an incredibly fulfilling thing to do. It is, for me, the perfect medium to express complex thoughts and emotions. It's a great outlet for me personally that also touches and communicates with others. I can say all sorts of things in a song that are hard to say in real life.

Your first album was a massive hit! What was that like, to have it happen so fast?
Yeah, I'm so happy to have had so many songs that people relate to and want to hear regularly. It's the most intense pleasure to create and to be loved for it.

We love “Pocketful of sunshine.” Why do you think it was so popular? What inspired it? Be honest: do you still like the song (I bet you get asked to play it a lot!)
I do still love the song, yes. It is about finding an escape in life.

You’ve collaborated with a lot of different artists, from country to Nicki Minaj! Who’s been your favourite to work with? How is it different than doing your own stuff?
I've always loved collaborating. Something special happens when unique chemistries come together. I love the song I recently did with Lifehouse called "Between the Raindrops." My song "Last Chance" with Nicki Minaj is also really wicked. It's on her album and was recorded at Eminem's studio. I love how feisty Nicki is. My favourite collaboration so far, though, was writing a song with and for Brandy as I love her voice so much.

What’s next—we hear you’re working on a new album?
This next album is going to be a whole new thing. As my Twitter says “watch this space.” The studio is where I live right now. I'm so excited by how it's sounding.
Commercial Bank Qatar Masters runs from Jan 23-26 at the Doha Golf Club. Bedingfield takes the stage on Jan 25. Tickets are QR250 for season ticket access to the entire competition including evening entertainment. Day tickets for Jan 25-26, including the Natasha Bedingfield performance, trick shot show and trophy presentation are QR125. For tickets visit or by at the Doha Golf Club ticket office.

By Jessica Davey-Quantick
Time Out Doha,

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