Doha rain leads to Qatar floods

Severe downpour caused school closures, leaking buildings and LOTS of Doha rain pictures Discuss this article

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When we do things in Doha we do them in a big way. Whether it is celebrations, lunches, brunches or, it seems, weather itself.

Heavy rainfall has given the city a thorough soaking with the downpour leading to flooding in many areas.

Many schools and even the US embassy were closed as residents struggled to cope with the sudden and heavy watershed.

The Qatar Meteorology Department issued a reminder of safety tips for weather conditions in rainy weather to its official Instagram account qatarweather. Drivers were urged to reduce speed and refrain from photography while driving. People were also informed to avoid the sea and pull over from their car and go inside to a safe place during thunderstorms.

The Ministry of Interior, similarly, also took to social media to urge motorists to drive carefully and issued a safety warning with ten driving tips.

The forecast for tomorrow? Why it is a bright and sunny day with temperatures of 28 degrees Celsius of course.

So enjoy the rain while and if you can. Most of all, be safe and drive carefully.

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See the pictures below to see how some Doha residents got on with business.

A man stands on the roof of his car to survey the growing flood outside University Petrol Statiion.
Credit: Facebook

Business as usual as this man delivers drinks and snacks to nearby cars.
Credit: Twitter user @TloOfy

An organisation called Soul Jeepers offered assistance to anybody needing help moving vehicles to a safer place. More information here.
Credit: Facebook user Mahmoud Kanaan

The downpour flooded car parks and roads across the city
Credit: Facebook

Hundreds of residents were forced to drive through the floods to leave their homes
Credit: Facebook

The Ministry of Interior issued the following safe driving tips.

By Will Milner
Time Out Doha,

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