How to be better at (almost) everything

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Your spare time

Don't waste time on the couch. Instead, pick up a hobby and learn something new this year.

On the pitch
Whether you’re one or one hundred, the benefits of playing team sports are undeniable. Not only does it mean you’ll get some good exercise into your weekly routine, but you’ll also learn how to work better with others, gain confidence and make new friends. To join various teams and classes in Doha, check out Aspire Zone with its state-of-the-art facilities (

Snap happy
American photojournalist Dorothea Lange said: “The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera”. Basically, one of the most rewarding, creative hobbies you can have is photography. Don't know your aperture from your shutter speed? Get in touch with the Qatar Photographic Society which hosts workshops and exhibitions (

Green fingers
Just because we live in the desert, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have fabulous, blooming gardens full of bougainvillea and beetroot. Gardening relieves stress, boosts heart health, reduces Alzheimer’s risk and improves your mental wellbeing. Get together with likeminded hobbyists at the Doha Garden Club who meet regularly through the month (

To be or not to be...
Did you always want to play Puck in your school’s rendition of A Midsummer Night’s Dream but were too shy to audition? Now’s the time to take the plunge and live out those childhood am-dram fantasies and make new friends, learn new skills, discover your passion, the list goes on. Join the Doha Players and find a place on the team (

Saved by the bell
No one can deny the benefits of continuing education until old age. Whether you’re looking to further your chosen career, or you’re still curious about the world, or you simply love learning, you’re bound to find a course for you either on land or online. VCUQatar offers a range of classes in the Community Education Programme (

Art for art's sake
You shouldn’t underestimate the power of being creative. The developmental benefits of arts and crafts is widely accepted for kids, but as an adult such activities are therapeutic and relaxing; a welcome respite in this busy, modern world. See what the Arts & Crafts Centre in Al Duhail South has to offer (

Twinkle toes
Dance classes aren’t just a fun way to get fit – it’s also a way to make friends, improve posture, reduce stress, learn about new cultures, boost self-esteem and express yourself, plus more. There are many classes to choose from in Doha from ballroom to ballet to Bollywood. See what's on at Al Gheed's Ballet Centre (

Jam nights
It’s official, music can actually change your brain. In 2003, a Harvard neurologist found the brains of adult musicians had a larger volume of gray matter than that of non-musicians. And there’s plenty more research where that came from. So, visit IAID, the Doha-based music and dance school, for classes (

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