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Your body

Evolve's Rowad Ehlela offers tips on getting that killer form the arms

Predominantly powered by the biceps and triceps – the arms carry out an important role in our day to day lives and maintaining strength and flexibility in them is crucial. A mixture of bodyweight conditioning exercises and weight training dependent on your goals. Stick to bodyweight for the lean definitive look and weights for mass.

The shoulders
The deltoid is the shoulder muscle which is primarily responsible for arm movement and rotation. In order to achieve both strength and conditioning in your deltoids it is important to vary your workouts and include a conditioning exercise to maintain endurance i.e. quick
fire punches.

The heart
In order to maintain a healthy heart you must consider all things from diet to exercise. Try yoga to channel positive thinking through body and breathing exercises. Also speak with a professional who can help design the right diet plan for you. Then aim for 30 minutes of walking at least once or twice a week, initially, and you’ll soon start feeling the benefits over a sedentary lifestyle.

The back
In order to avoid injury in your training it is vital you learn the correct techniques – this starts with ‘posture’. Posture is the manner in which you carry yourself and begins with a strong core and back – the way in which you sit at your desk or walk in the street can have major effects on your posture. To strengthen your back see a biomechanist who can advise on corrective exercises. Also try yoga, hamstring stretches and two knee twists.

The glutes
The glutes are what power the lower body movement and is the equilibrium point of the torso and legs. . Squats and jumping lunges are great examples of exercises for the glutes however if you do not supplement strengthening with flexibility training you will encounter limited movement and stiffness. Make sure to use a foam roller to iron out “knots” after each session.

The legs
The legs are often an unappreciated body part for many beginners within the gym. However, your hamstrings and quadriceps are some of the largest muscles in the body and thus burn more calories when exercised meaning for increased weight loss and a speedier metabolism. Recommended exercises include leg extensions and presses, lunges, hamstring curls, calf raises and pistol squats.

The expert
Rowad Ehlela works for Doha-based wellness company Evolve which offers fitness sessions, nutritional consultations and retreats.

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