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Your home

Take heed these tips from Home Centre's Michelle Dinsmore for a clutter-free life

A de-cluttered house can reflect and even encourage a calm mind so make it your mission this year to spring clean your life using these helpful tips from a woman who, as head of visual merchandising, knows how to make rooms and homes look smart.

Sort and Toss
Stuff in your home gets cluttered when everything doesn’t have a home. The first step in getting organised is to sort through your closet and drawers. Clothing or paperwork that you don’t use or need any more needs to be tossed.

Separate and Organise
For important paperwork, create separate files for all key topics. The same goes for your clothing – for hanging items, separate your dresses, trousers and shirts and hang them together. This creates additional storage space below. Don’t forget the space under your bed. This is ideal for storing items that you only use a few times a year.

Keep it Simple
We spend a lot of time in the kitchen so it quickly gets cluttered. Clear glass jars are ideal for organising items you use every day like tea, sugar, coffee or after-school snacks for the kids. Drawer dividers are ideal for keeping items separated and easy to find.

Get creative
Beds with storage are a clever way to organise shoes, extra bedding or even your Christmas ornaments. Ottomans with storage are great in the living room for toys, books or magazines. And don’t forget your walls – just add shelves.

The Golden Rule
Every time you get something new, toss something old. This is a great rule to follow, especially for the closet. Bringing home a new pair of shoes? Then it’s time to part with an old pair. The best way to keep your home from being cluttered to ensure everything has a place.

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