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Why not stay in and cook for the one you love this Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, we’ve got some recipes… Discuss this article

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Nothing says I love you like a bit of effort. But giving your Valentine food poisoning’s not the most romantic of gestures, so try one of these recipes instead.

Linguine with lobster: Don’t be afraid of cooking lobster, there’s no need to tackle a live one. This one’s a winner for meat-dodgers and is actually pretty simple to master, so get stuck in…

Beef teriyaki: If your loved-one’s a meat eater, this is a great one to try. The ingredients are all easy to pick up at the supermarket and it’s a cinch to cook…

Bread and butter pudding: Yum. This is by far one of the most popular puds and a real homely classic. Plus, it’s dead easy. You can even make it in advance and try your hand a flashy main course to go with it. Get to work…

Beef fillet in black pepper sauce: Another one for those of you with carnivorous Valentines. The key with this is how you cook your steak, so make sure you know how your love prefers theirs. Follow the recipe and you can’t go wrong…

Saffron prawns: Good prawns are easy to get hold off, and even easier to cook, in fact it’s pretty tricky to go wrong. Follow the instructions for a simple but impressive Valentine’s day repaste…

Tartare of marinated salmon: This is Gordan Ramsey recipe, don’t you know, so think of the man himself as you prepare to impress. Just don’t take on his personality while you’re at it…

Malai jheenga: If you fancy something a bit different, this could be the recipe for you to try. With this dish, more than any other, you must follow the recipe carefully, unless you want to blow your loved one’s head off. Careful measurements are the key.

By Emily McCarrick
Time Out Doha,

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