Coming soon to Qatar

Banana Island, celebrity chef opening and more hot properties

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Christmas gift ideas in Doha

Get the latest looks for yourself or a loved this festive season

Things to do in Doha: December 1-7

Mozart, film festival, Christmas tree lighting and more things to do

Things to do in Doha: December 8-14

Opera, jazz, turkeys and more things to do in Doha this week

Things to do in Doha: December 15-23

National Day, superstar football, live comedy and more

Things to do in Doha: December 24-31

A busy end to what has hopefully been a fantastic year

Mido on beIn Sports

Tottenham fan Patrick Hulbert is on the lookout for his sporting hero in Doha

Fall collection for Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti has new season gear to get yourself kitted out

First class travel envy

Seven hours of being so close yet so far meant torment for Patrick Hulbert

Driving in Doha

Driving in Doha is a stressful time for many. For some it is an adventure

Expand your mind: Adult education in Doha

From changing up your career to starting a new hobby

How to prepare the perfect CV

Recruitment bods Bayt on crafting a GCC-centric CV

More malls...?

Five new shopping areas slated for Qatar

Everything you need to know about Twitter

Left out? A beginners' guide to the omnipresent social media platform

English for idiots?

Should words like 'twerk' and 'YOLO' be added to the dictionary?


The Knowledge

Tamper-proof taxis
Sep 21

Tamper-proof meters have been installed in Doha taxis in a bid to crackdown on unscrupulous drivers

Megahotel merger
Sep 15

Three Doha hotels have merged to create Qatar's first Marriott Marquis-branded hotel

Zero gravity trips
Sep 11

Experiencing the sensation of weightlessness has been something only astronauts and military pilots have been able to do


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