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Antibiotics for kids

Medicating your kids need not be a bad thing. Find out more

Game on

How many times have you sat down and played a non-virtual game with your kids?

Have a family-friendly New Year!

The New Year can be a great opportunity to adopt better practices with your family

Children’s library in Doha

We are pleased to report that the Doha Mums Children’s Library is back

Smartphone apps for kids

Download these free apps and you may unlock your child's inner genius

How to throw a party for kids

Food, games and sanity saving tips from Bubble-U Cards 4 Kids

Eco-books for kids

Teach your kids eco principles without being a scary activist

Stress-free travel with kids

Don't even think about boarding a plane with children before reading this

Swimming lessons in Doha

Time Outtakes up swimming lessons at an Australian International Swim School

25 to try: Doha summer camps

We've tracked down the best summer camps for kids in Doha 2011

Doha school quiz

Make sure you ask the right questions when putting your kids into a Doha school

Spaghetti bolognaise recipe

Spaghetti bolognaise recipe from a top Doha restaurant

Chicken fingers recipe

Almond-crusted chicken fingers recipe from a top Doha restaurant

10 tips for indoor fun

Art projects, cookery masterclasses, te parties and more indoor fun

Gondolania in Doha

Summer fun for all ages at the Villaggio Mall in Doha

10 maternity fitness tips

Get splashing to stay healthy while pregnant

Summer skincare for kids

Protect your children from the sun's harmful rays

Aqua park Qatar

Check out the waterslides at the Qatar Aqua Park

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