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Posted by: Ramesh on 30 Oct ' 14 at 09:50

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Thanks for update. i am allmost year here, but haven't visited anyone of the beach. I would love to go but to finding still dicovering. Everone update make me positive, i will sure go whenever get time.

Posted by: Lady on 23 Oct ' 14 at 10:03

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SIgh !!! why oh why can we not have some decent public beaches like those in Dubai- there are no facilities and the the filth is disgusting with rubbish strewn everywhere- thats when you're not dodging the 4WD's racing on the beach or the jet bikes in the sea

Posted by: Paul Richards on 20 Oct ' 14 at 09:01

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I haven't been to a single beach in the whole of Qatar that isn't strewn with rubbish, this includes beaches where bins are provided. Sadly this is a reflection of the majority of the populations attitude that some lowly paid, badly treated gentleman from the Asian subcontinent will be along presently to clear up after them.

Posted by: r on 29 Jul ' 14 at 16:25

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I visited all the beaches on this list, even though its the closest to Doha, Simaisma is probably the best beach on the list. Simaisma is a great beach but right next to small village/town and a real children's park. Small restaurants, drinks/snacks, and bathrooms. Maroona, and Furwairit are very vacant and undeveloped (like no easy drinks, food, or bathrooms). Lots of kite surfing there. Al Khor- Slightly better than Abu Dhalouf, at least its right on the corniche, but if you're going to spend time driving the others are better choices. Abu Dhalouf- don't waste your time if you actually want to go into the water, the water is too shallow to swim. Dukhan- nice water, but the beach is mostly stones, impossible to walk without shoes or lay down comfortably.

Posted by: Supriya on 02 May ' 14 at 18:15

We went to this beach today thanks to this information here. The GPs coordinates were very handy. The description was very helpful. We had a good time. The signage now is quite clear and leads you easily to the beach. Evenings gets quite crowded, so get there by 3. The sun is waning but then any way. The beach is not so clean any more, though. We even found some glass pieces. But the play parks are fantastic. The kids loved them. Toilets were passable. Shower area open - so can be used by kids only. No eateries anywhere - so get your own food. Most people brought their barbecue units.
Bar was village falls on the right on the way back to Doha city. Has several restaurants. This is a nice half day outing with family.

Posted by: Ronald on 06 Aug ' 13 at 14:44

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Nice! We're going there this holiday. Eid mubarak everyone!!!

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