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Daniel Radcliffe has gone through a lot to shake the Potter franchise, and he has done a brilliant job of it.

From playing the brooding, heartbroken Ig in Horns to acting as the best dead man ever seen on screen in Swiss Army Man, Radcliffe has shown that he can just about do anything. Although, just because he can, doesn’t mean he should, and Beast of Burden looks like one he could have skipped.

In this thriller, Sean Haggarty (Radcliffe) makes a “special” delivery to a cartel via his Cessna plane. As soon as he’s up in the air, though, he gets threats from the cartel and the police, putting his and his wife’s (Grace Gummer) life in jeopardy.

The cheap CGI seen in the trailer, doesn’t scream blockbuster, but with this much on his plate, tension is sure to be high. Radcliffe has a string of amazing films, this may not be one of them.

The bottom line
Tense thriller, but Radcliffe has been in better.

By Darragh Murphy
Time Out Doha,

Beast of Burden

  • Duration: 89
  • Released: Thu, 26 Apr
  • Director: Jesper Ganslandt
  • Stars: Daniel Radcliffe, Grace Gummer, Pablo Schreiber

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