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Anyone curious about what Reservoir Dogs would look like if it were actually about reservoirs or dogs might want to check out Bullet Head, the bazillionth offspring of Quentin Tarantino’s standard-setter.

That’s because the trio of crooks – holed up in a dank, abandoned storage facility after a botched heist – are threatened not just by strife among themselves but also by a large, ravenous mastiff that has killed its way to the top of an illegal dog-fighting ring. The film can’t decide whether it’s a showcase for soulful criminal introspection or a canine-amok horror flick.

Solet has turned out a slick product and handles some of the action with brio, particularly a chase-across-buses set piece. But with too little freshness for crime-drama devotees, too many furry corpses for animal lovers and a thoroughly predictable wrap-up, Bullet Head ultimately falls short of the mark.

The bottom line
A far cry from Tarantino.

By Michael Gingold
Time Out Doha,

Bullet Head

  • Released: Thu, 15 Mar
  • Director: Paul Solet
  • Stars: Adrien Brody, Antonio Banderas, John Malkovich

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