Preview: Well, Hello There, Oksana Sokolova!

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Testing the limits of daftest premise ever dreamed up, this Russian film follows the trials and tribulations of a man who lands his dream broadcasting job, only to lose his voice the night before his big break. But wait, there’s more.

Desperate to speak, he goes to a doctor who injects him in the throat. The result?

He sounds like a woman and has to try and find a way to get his real voice back.

That seems to be about the sum of the plot, and the first squeaky-voiced utterance is bound to deliver the biggest, cheapest laugh.

The trailer shows our man getting into all kinds of scrapes as a result, including leaving a trail of damaged police cars and collapsing buildings, and even ending up in jail. All because his voice changed a bit? Seems a little suspicious to us.

The title character will clearly go to any lengths to get his voice back and make his debut appearance, bringing all kinds of slapstick scenarios upon himself along the way. Silly? You betcha.

The bottom line

One for the sofa rather than the cinema.

By Darragh Murphy
Time Out Doha,

Well, Hello There, Oksana Sokolova!

  • Released: Thu, 15 Mar
  • Director: Kirill Vasilyev
  • Stars: Viktor Dobronravov, Valentina Mazunina

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