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Has Al Pacino turned down any movies in the past 20 years? Discuss this article

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Has Al Pacino turned down any movies in the past 20 years?

If so we’d love to see how bad they are, because some of the things he’s starred in are absolutely terrible. We’re not saying Hangman definitely falls into that category, but it certainly looks like it will from the trailer.

Pacino’s Detective Archer, you might be surprised to hear, is a wizened cop who’s seen it all before. His partner is Detective Ruiney (Star Trek’s Karl Urban), who hasn’t really got over his own wife’s murder when he’s thrust into a new case, covering a series of grisly killings. They’re accompanied by Brittany Snow’s Christi Davies, a reporter who wants to know what’s going on.

In another less-than-surprising plot device, the cops aren’t that keen on having a reporter tagging along with them. Quite why she is doesn’t seem to be explained.

Director Johnny Martin seems to have at least watched Seven before embarking on this, but along with the writers, doesn’t seem to have bothered coming up with anything as innovative.

If you’re a fan of by-the-numbers police procedurals, this could be what you’ve been waiting for. For anyone that demands a little more, especially from actors as talented as these, it looks like it’s best avoided.

The bottom line
As by-the-numbers as it gets.

By Paul Clifford
Time Out Doha,


  • Duration: 98
  • Released: Thu, 08 Mar
  • Language: English
  • Director: Johnny Martin
  • Stars: Karl Urban, Al Pacino, Brittany Snow

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