I, Tonya


It’s the most fabulously, tragically American film of the year Discuss this article

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This is a dazzlingly complex and exuberant treatment of a disgraced figure. It flies along like Goodfellas. But as with Martin Scorsese’s crime epic (or more aptly, Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights), the combination of supercharged style with so tawdry a story creates an unshakable tension. I, Tonya feels like a major reclamation, not of Harding’s reputation but of the sports biopic itself.

Setting the tone with a surly, confrontational stare, Margot Robbie makes the most of this gift of a role. Her mother LaVona, is played by a revelatory Allison Janney, and her needy husband Jeff Gillooly is superbly portrayed by Sebastian Stan.

I, Tonya is slippery on Harding’s own culpability. As camera trucks amass outside Harding’s house, we’re given an inside perspective into the dawning of a new kind of news story, pre-O. J.

It’s the most fabulously, tragically American film of the year.

The bottom line
The year’s most provocative biopic.

By Josua Rothkopf
Time Out Doha,

I, Tonya

  • Duration: 119
  • Released: Sun, 26 Nov
  • Language: English
  • Director: Craig Gillespie
  • Stars: Margot Robbie, Sebastian Stan, Bojana Novakovic

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