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The first of two upcoming bloody dramas based on tense real-life scenarios is unlikely to be better than the second. In a few weeks we will get Detroit, directed by the brilliant Kathryn Bigelow (Zero Dark Thirty, The Hurt Locker, Near Dark and, of course, Point Break). When that rolls around expect your first glimpse of next year’s Oscar frontrunners and to get chucked into the middle of the 1967 riots that divided the US.

For now, it’s Billy Elliot and him out of The Professionals, recreating the storming of the Iranian Embassy in London’s Princes Gate in 1980.

Actually, although we doubt this will be superior to the Bigelow barnstormer, that is a little facetious. Jamie Bell has proved himself, when he gets his choices right, to be a terrific actor. And Martin Shaw deserves his crack at some tense embassy-set SAS scenes given his Professionals co-star, Lewis Collins, got the chance over 30 years ago, in Who Dares Wins.

This take on the six-day siege, that played out in the full, unflinching glare of UK TV cameras, has much it needs to get past to succeed – not least the fact that the real footage from the event is still so iconic and out there, but the material is certainly worth exploring.

The bottom line
A real-life hostage drama. With Billy Elliot.

By Mark Dinning
Time Out Doha,

6 Days

  • Duration: 94
  • Released: Thu, 03 Aug
  • Language: English
  • Director: Toa Fraser
  • Stars: Jamie Bell, Mark Strong, Abbie Cornish

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