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Netflix’s latest envelope-pushing original series is based on teen life today Discuss this article

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Netflix’s latest envelope-pushing original series is based on a premise that sounds bleak (and is) but that ultimately also unravels into a pertinent study of the murky moral morass that is teen life today.

Based on the hit young adult novel of the same name by Jay Asher, we open with our heroine, Hannah (Katherine Langford), killing herself. Only over the course of the drama that unfolds afterwards – as investigated by the boy in her class who had a secret crush on her, Clay (Dylan Minnette) – do we find out why. Or, more specifically of course, the 13 reasons why.

Essentially a mix between the inverted mysteries of the first, good series of Desperate Housewives and the heartbreaking life-taken-too-soon tragedies of The Lovely Bones, this has all the hallmarks of a big, provocative hit. And one that should spark some conversations that need to be had in a world where cyber-bullying is all too common.

The bottom line
A touching, brutal mystery, told in reverse.

Time Out Doha,

13 Reasons Why

  • Released: Thu, 30 Mar
  • Language: English
  • Director: Brian Yorkey
  • Stars: Katherine Langford

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