War Dogs


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A curiously joyless movie, War Dogs is based on the real-life rise-and-fall story of a pair of Miami bozos who fell into lucrative Afghanistan arms dealing. The film reunites former high-school buddies David (Miles Teller) and Efraim (Jonah Hill), currently on radically different life trajectories, the former a failed bedding salesman, while the latter stows machine guns in his trunk. Never once do you wonder if the narrating David is going to be lured by the wild life, and Teller’s delivery is strangled and unconvincing; he’s no Ray Liotta in Goodfellas.

War Dogs is insufficient with these two characters (or perhaps these two actors), who are neither hapless and schmucky enough to sustain laughs, nor venal enough to get us rooting against them. Sometimes, we’re supposed to believe that David doesn’t care about the laws he’s breaking; elsewhere, when it’s convenient for the plot, he gets pangs of conscience. War Dogs expects us to keep track of that wavering scorecard, but it doesn’t justify the effort.

The bottom line
Fails to be believable or entertaining.

By Joshua Rothkopf
Time Out Doha,

War Dogs

  • Duration: 114
  • Released: Thu, 18 Aug
  • Language: English
  • Director: Todd Phillips
  • Stars: Jonah Hill, Miles Teller, Steve Lantz

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