A Good Man


Steven Seagal plays a handyman living in Russia delivering justice with martial arts Discuss this article

Seagal may be getting on in years and looking a little puffier, but he still has his martial arts moves. In this action film he plays a handyman living a remote life in Russia, until he’s drawn into a battle between rival Chinese and Russian gangsters, and the handyman is forced to revisit his past life as a special ops officer. Based on the trailer, there’s not much in the way of plot here, but there’s plenty of action to keep your attention.

By Time Out staff
Time Out Doha,

A Good Man

  • Duration: 100
  • Released: Thu, 09 Oct
  • Classification: 18+
  • Language: English
  • Director: Keoni Waxman
  • Stars: Ron Balicki, Radu Banzaru, Claudiu Bleont

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