Black Rock


Budget, female fronted survival slasher written by, directed by and starring Katie Aselton Discuss this article

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They call it a triple threat: as the director, co-writer (with her husband, mumblecore icon Mark Duplass) and star of this budget, female fronted survival slasher, Katie Aselton is making a bid for glory. It’s a solid rather than spectacular effort, low on ambition but efficiently constructed and very watchable.

Aselton is Abby, who travels with her dysfunctional old pals Sarah (Kate Bosworth) and Lou (Lake Bell) to the island of Black Rock, scene of many a youthful rampage. But when a gang of ex-soldiers crashes the party, things turn ugly, fast.

Aselton walks the line between exploitation and feminist reversal with abandon. The script contains a handful of effective surprises, but it’s hamstrung by the generic set-up: once the gloves come off, the remainder of the plot – one woman finds her inner strength and fights back – is inevitable.

By Tom Huddleston
Time Out Doha,

Black Rock

  • Duration: 83
  • Released: Thu, 16 Jan
  • Classification: 18+
  • Language: English
  • Director: Katie Aselton
  • Stars: Katie Aselton, Lake Bell, Kate Bosworth

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