Cat Run


Poor cliché-ridden Tarantino rip-off Discuss this article

A third-generation Tarantino rip-off from John Stockwell (Crazy/Beautiful). A single-mom escort (Vega) with damaging evidence against a US politician (McDonald) is on the run from quirky killers. Any resemblance between this retread thriller and something creative or original is merely coincidental: You’ve seen McTeer’s Mary Poppins-polite assassin, Eyes Wide Shut homages, the insufferably wisecracking detective characters and the chronologically warped story line dozens of times before, and done better to boot. It’s simply one wearisome ’90s crime-cinema cliché after another.

By Nick Schager
Time Out Doha,

Cat Run

  • Duration: 102
  • Released: Thu, 24 May
  • Classification: PG15
  • Language: English
  • Director: John Stockwell
  • Stars: Paz Vega, Janet McTeer, Christopher McDonald, Alphonso McAuley, Scott Mechlowicz, Karel Roden

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