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A truly painful (but intermittently hilarious) slice of cheapjack action sludge. When a military madman by the name of Krakovic seizes power in The Balkans (the filmmakers seem to believe it’s a country), US Corporal Torida (former star Zane) calls in a team of mercenaries to rescue the American ambassador. Enter rugged South London boy Robert Fucilla and his band of gold-hearted guns for hire.

Just when it seems the entire film is grinding to a halt, along comes another line of overblown dialogue or an awful special effect. It’s not funny enough to be enjoyable, but it does remain bearable. Amusingly, the web suggests that writer-director Paris Leonti used to go by the name of Barry Leonti. Says it all, really.

By Tom Huddleston
Time Out Doha,


  • Duration: 97
  • Released: Thu, 03 May
  • Classification: 18+
  • Language: English
  • Director: Paris Leonti
  • Stars: Robert Fucilla, Kirsty Mitchell, Rob James-Collier, Danny Sapani, Antony Byrne, Geoff Bell, Nicholas Sidi

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