A Thousand Words


Eddie Murphy learns to hold his tongue in poor comedy Discuss this article

Ageing funnyman Eddie Murphy plays a motormouthed literary agent who gets a crash course in holding his tongue after a mystical Bodhi tree sprouts in his backyard. Every word he speaks (or writes) costs him a leaf; if all the leaves fall, he croaks. The high concept breeds lowbrow gags – our hero ingests herbicides (don’t ask) and conducts conference calls using talking toys – but before this star vehicle devolves into a soggy New Age sermon, Murphy’s manic pantomiming offers a few faint flickers of the mad comic genius from 1987’s Raw. His best shot at reviving those glory days would be to drop hack director Brian Robbins (Norbit) like a superfluous sentence. A Thousand Words? We have one – meh.

By AA Dowd
Time Out Doha,

A Thousand Words

  • Duration: 91
  • Released: Thu, 22 Mar
  • Classification: PG15
  • Language: English
  • Director: Brian Robbins
  • Stars: Eddie Murphy, Cliff Curtis, Kerry Washington, Emanuel Ragsdale, Jill Basey, Greg Collins, Robert LeQuang, Michael G. Wilkinson, Lyndsey Nelson

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