Arthur Christmas


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This smart and very British 3D animation from the Aardman stable opens with one of life’s great questions: how does Santa visit so many homes so quickly? The answer, it seems, is an army of elves dispatched, SAS-style, from a silent spaceship disguised as a cluster of stars.

But it never used to be like this, not before Santa’s eldest son, Steve (Hugh Laurie), modernised the operation. Nevertheless, one parcel slips through the net, so it’s left to Santa’s sensitive younger son, Arthur (James McAvoy), and the retired, grumpy Grandsanta (Bill Nighy) to deliver the package using reindeers and sleigh. All of this inspires a frenzied inter-continental dash and one too many padded-out mishaps.
Yet what makes this festive fantasy engaging is the savvy way in which it debunks cold efficiency in favour of wholesome values. It’s just a pity Arthur is so bland.

By Derek Adams
Time Out Doha,

Arthur Christmas

  • Duration: 97
  • Released: Thu, 22 Dec
  • Classification: G
  • Language: English
  • Website
  • Director: Sarah Smith
  • Stars: James McAvoy, Jim Broadbent and Bill Nighy

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