The Princess of Montpensier


Bertrand Tavernier's lavish take on Madame de La Fayette's novel Discuss this article

As conflict rages between Catholics and Huguenots in 16th-century France, a marriage of convenience strengthens bonds between two families while denying Marie (Thierry) the chance of hooking up with debonair Henri de Guise (Ulliel). As she assumes spousal duties as the Princess of Montpensier, her timid prince (Leprince-Ringuet) has his learned liege introduce her to the world of des beaux arts.

Bertrand Tavernier’s lavish take on the novel by Madame de La Fayette is weighed down by period cliché, but it functions swimmingly as a study of wrongly diverted passions. His choice not to trade in simple shades of good and evil keeps the actions of his characters compelling, up to (and beyond) its melancholy kiss-off.

By David Jenkins
Time Out Doha,

The Princess of Montpensier

  • Duration: 139
  • Released: Thu, 04 Aug
  • Classification: PG13
  • Language: English,French
  • Director: Bertrand Tavernier
  • Stars: Mélanie Thierry, Lambert Wilson, Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet

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