Born to Raise Hell


Action film written, directed and starring Steven Seagal Discuss this article

Both written and directed by veteran action man Steven Seagal, this film sees him as an Interpol agent who’s assigned to a drug task force in Romania. While we can’t fault ponytail’s high kicks, we’d suggest he leaves the dialogue to Hollywood’s many scribes. The plot, which deals with the seemingly Southern and certainly potty-mouthed Seagal attempting to quash a Russian gun dealer, is thinly spread, but the camera work, cinematography and martial arts make it just about worthwhile for action fans.

By Nyree Barrett
Time Out Doha,

Born to Raise Hell

  • Duration: 98
  • Released: Thu, 21 Apr
  • Classification: 18+
  • Language: English
  • Director: Lauro Chartrand
  • Stars: Steven Seagal, Dan Badarau, Darren Shahlavi, D. Neil Mark, George Remes, Claudiu Bleont, Calin Puia, Cosmina Pasarin

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