A Little Bit of Heaven


Excruciatingly bad wepie drama about a fun loving gal's struggle with cancer Discuss this article

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Heaven’s above. This excruciating film has Kate Hudson as Marley, a bubbly, single New Orleans gal whose carefree approach to life – no-strings relationships, good pals, a wicked sense of humour – grinds to
a halt when she’s diagnosed with colon cancer. Luckily for Marley, one of her doctors is a reserved but handsome Mexican, Julian Goldstein (Gael García Bernal – what’s happening to his career?), who challenges his patient’s intractable attitudes to life and death by declaring his love for her just as the medical prognosis isn’t looking so good.

Director Nicole Kassell (who made the very different The Woodsman) and first-time writer Gren Wells betray Marley’s heart-on-your-sleeve honesty by giving us a dishonest depiction of sickness and death. A game and endearing Hudson is the best thing about the film, but otherwise it’s a cynical affair, only suited to those who like a cheap, forgettable weep.

By Dave Calhoun
Time Out Doha,

A Little Bit of Heaven

  • Released: Thu, 21 Apr
  • Classification: 15+
  • Language: English
  • Director: Nicole Kassell
  • Stars: Kate Hudson, Kathy Bates, Lucy Punch, Gael García Bernal, Whoopi Goldberg, Peter Dinklage, Rosemarie DeWitt, Romany Malco, Treat Williams

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