Garfield’s Pet Force


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The sane among us recognise there’s only so much you can do with a ginger cat suffering from an eating disorder, as far as innovative storylines go. This time, the writers have decided to shame Garfield into action by throwing in a super cat named Garzooka, who claims he needs the tubby tabby’s help to save the world (really?). It also speaks volumes about a film when there’s one actor voicing nine different parts, as in the case of Weller, who not only takes charge of Garfield’s vocals, but also those of the computer voice, a dog, Keith, a Kung Fu Guard, a lawyer, a monster, a guard and the narrator, against Wingert’s comparatively slack role, voicing Jon Arbuckle (Garfield’s owner).

If the studios weren’t going to spend their dollars investing in a few more actors, we’d advise against spending your dirhams on 73 minutes of what we’d bet is just as unentertaining as the first two instalments in the grossly over-stretched franchise.

By Holly Sands
Time Out Doha,

Garfield's Pet Force

  • Duration: 73
  • Released: Thu, 16 Dec
  • Classification: G
  • Language: English
  • Director: Mark A.Z. Dippé
  • Stars: Gregg Berger, Cathy Cavadini, Jennifer Darling, Greg Eagles, Greg Finley, Jeff Fischer, Vanessa Marshall, David Michie, Paige Pollack, Neil Ross

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