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Paris, 2013, and the ghetto of District 13 is still ruled by gangs Discuss this article

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Paris, 2013, and the ghetto of District 13 is still ruled by gangs – until, that is, property developers in cahoots with police decide to act. In this sequel, writer-producer Luc Besson’s conceit is for the developers to stoke unrest so the government demolishes the place. Not, of course, if free-running Leïto (David Belle) and his ally on the force, Capt Tomaso (Cyril Raffaelli), have their way. Besson’s story at least maintains that the French constitution and the ’hood are worth fighting for, but while the repeated explanation of the plot is tiresome, the film’s real problem is building momentum from its action set-pieces. Belle’s agility and Raffaelli’s fleet footwork are fine, but the parade of rent-a-thugs toppling like ninepins isn’t very exciting.
Trevor Johnston

By Laura Chubb
Time Out Doha,

District 13: Ultimatum

  • Duration: 101
  • Released: Thu, 15 Oct
  • Classification: 15+
  • Language: French
  • Director: Patrick Alessandrin
  • Stars: David Belle, Cyril Raffaelli, Philippe Torreton, Daniel Duval, Elodie Yung, MC Jean Gab'1, Laouni Mouhid, Fabrice Fletzinger, Pierre-Marie Mosconi, Sophie Ducasse, Moussa Maaskri, Patrick Steltzer, Jean-Gilles Barbier, Laurent Gérard

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