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Star Wars Episode I 3D preview

Worst of Lucas's space operas worth seeing in 3D

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The Iron Lady explained

Is Meryl Streep's Margaret Thatcher biopic worth all the fuss?

George Clooney interview

We talk to the Oscar-nominated star about The Descendants

Golden Globes award-winners

See who took home the gold at US TV and film awards ceremony

Golden Globes red carpet

See the stars (and the dresses) at glitzy US film and TV awards

Jason Segel on The Muppets

Does US actor holds the keys to the Muppets’ legacy?

12 biggest movies of 2012

We round up the essential film releases in 2012

Our Sherlock casting call

Time Out's fantasy cast for a new Sherlock Holmes movie

Antonio Banderas interview

Antonio Banderas tells us what it’s like playing the famous feline

Tribeca Film Festival 2011

Red carpet highlights from the Doha Tribeca film festival

Our top five epidemic thrillers

Time Out's favourite paranoia-inducing epidemic movies

Why I made Senna'

Director Asif Kapadia tells us why he decided to take this project

2011 Doha Tribeca tips

DTFF executive director, Amanda Palmer tells us how to enjoy the show

Freida Pinto interview

Award-winning actress on playing an Arabian sheikha in Black Gold

30 Doha Tribeca films you must see

The films you have to see at the 2011 Doha Tribeca Film Festival

Antonio Banderas interview

Hollywood star talks Tribeca, Black Gold and Puss in Boots

Scandar Copti interview

Oscar-nominated filmmaker on the Doha Film Institute

Mark Zuckerberg interview

American actor on dead end jobs, improvised comedy and pizza

Daniel Craig interview

We meet Daniel Craig on the set of Cowboys & Aliens

Holywood's top earning men

Which American actor banked the most bucks in past year?



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