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The Doha Film Institute is paying homage to Pixar by showing a series of films from the filmmakers this month. Patrick Hulbert looks at some of his favourites. To infinity, and beyond!

Pixar films. Great to enjoy as children, just as enjoyable as a grown child. With the DFI showing five of Pixar’s most successful films, I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring with my favourite five.

5 A Bug’s Life
This is an awkward one, because although it’s a great film, it’s just not as good as Antz! (Cue indignant coughs from readers at this moment). While this film didn’t have a hard-as-nails Weaver (voiced by Sylvester Stallone) to save the day for Woody Allen’s Z (more’s the pity), it did have the perfidious Hopper (voiced by Kevin Spacey) get what was coming to him and a very sweet romance between Flik and Atta. Tip: always beware of what you may find when you tread on chewing gum. This was the second film released by Pixar, following on from Toy Story.

4 Monsters Inc.
Powered by the screams of children in the human world, the parallel city of Monstropolis is a dark place. The chief monster to scare children, James Sullivan, the big blue creature, is aided and abetted by his assistant Mike Wazowski, the one-eyed green monster. After one scaring mission, they accidentally bring a human girl back the factory of screams, and realise she’s not toxic (as they thought humans were) and Sullivan (voiced by John Goodman) becomes increasingly attached. Sullivan and Wazowski have to stop their nemesis, Randall, from using the torture chair on the children. Randall gets stopped and Sullivan takes over the factory, now using the laughter of children to power the city, not screams.

3 Finding Nemo
Did he ever get found? Of course he did! Never trust scuba divers, sharks or barracuda. They’re bad sorts. Clownfish Nemo ends up being taken by the divers and plonked in a dentist’s fish tank, to be given to the dentist’s niece, not an owner you’d want. Nemo’s dad, Marlin, never gives up searching and finds him, but thinks he is dead as he acts it to stop being handed over to the girl. Tank Gang leader Gill helps Nemo escape and, after a couple more tribulations, Nemo is reunited with his father.

2 Toy Story
Don’t throw your toys out of the pram that this is not number one (Andy wouldn’t do that to Woody), this is the first CGI animated film Pixar released in 1995, and it set a precedent for 20 years of success. Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) and Woody (Tom Hanks), settle old differences when they fall into the hands of toy abuser Sid Phillips and try to get back to Andy. Honestly, though, everyone’s favourite character is Buzz, the bone-headed bozo who can’t get to grips with the fact he is a toy (sorry Woody).

1 The Incredibles
This film is incredible in many ways, with a family of superheroes with powers ranging from super speed to full on elasticity out to stop Syndrome, the psychotic criminal determined to shape the world for worse, killing superheroes in the process of designing Omnidroid, a piece of machinery designed to sell so everyone can be “super.” Trying to keep a low-profile, the family are forced into action, much to the glee of Mr Incredible and his friend Frozone (voiced by Samuel L Jackson). After Syndrome steals baby Jack-Jack, Mr Incredible kills Syndrome by throwing his car at the jet Syndrome is getting in to, with Syndrome getting sucked in by the jet engine. Serves him right.
The Doha Film Institute will be showing Brave, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Up and Wall-E from April 23-25. Katara Cultural Village, Building 16, Drama Theatre. For a full programme and information on ticket sales, visit dohafilminstitute.com.

By Patrick Hulbert
Time Out Doha,

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