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Remake of Stephen King-penned psychic teen movie

Drama Horror English

Post-pandemic road movie with an over-familiar plot...

Horror English
Cars 2

Lightning McQueen and his animated pals are back

Adventure Animation Comedy English
Case 39

Renée Zellweger plays an idealistic social worker

- Thriller English
Cash Flow - Action Comedy Romance Arabic
Casino Jack

Political drama with Kevin Spacey and Jon Lovitz

Comedy Crime English
Cat in Boots

Shrek spin-off is fluffy and forgettable

Adventure Animation Comedy English
Cat Run

Poor cliché-ridden Tarantino rip-off

Action Comedy English
Catch .44 Action Drama English
Catch Hell - Drama Thriller English
Catch Me... I'm in Love

Tagalog film

- Drama Romance Tagalog
Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

In the closing credits of this stinker, the filmmakers show some YouTube clips of real cats and dogs

Action Comedy Family English
Caught in the Crossfire Crime English

Set in what is now Scotland in AD 117, The Descent director Neil Marshall’s relentless, predictable chase movie draws upon the myth of the mysterious lost Ninth Legion of the Roman army

Action English
Chain Letter

Low-budget horror hits UAE this week. For some reason …

Horror Thriller English
Chakravyuh - Action Hindi
Chalet Girl

Charming and proudly cheesy British comedy

Comedy Romance English
Chalk N Duster - Drama Hindi
Chalo Dilli

Hindi film

- Comedy Hindi
Champ Of The Camp - Documentary Social Bengali English Hindi Urdu
Chance Pe Dance

Hindi film

- Musical Hindi
Charlie Countryman

Shia LaBoeouf's romantic thriller is a strangely enjoyable hyper-stylised disaster of a movie

Comedy Drama Romance English Romanian
Charlie St. Cloud

It takes more than arithmetic to describe what’s wrong with Charlie St Cloud, but let’s start with a tally

Drama Romance English
Chashme Baddoor

Hindi film

- Comedy Drama Hindi
Chasing Mavericks

Surfer story starring Gerard Butler

Drama English
Chat Botté

2009 French-language retelling of the classic fairytale

Animation Comedy English
Che: Part Two Drama English

Foodie road trip across America with Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr

Comedy English
Chennai Express

Hindi film

- Action Comedy Romance Hindi

Multi-talented and adaptable director Frears has produced one of his most dull, airless and conventional films

Drama Romance English
Chernobyl Diaries

Poor zombie horror in nuclear fallout zone

Horror English
Child 44

Set in communist Russia in 1952 and directed by Daniel Espinosa

- Drama Thriller English
Chinese Zodiac

Jackie Chan is back in pedestrian action-adventure

Action Adventure English

Atom Egoyan directs this less subtle but still enjoyably barmy remake of Nathalie

Drama Thriller English

Generic post-Saw slasher about a serial killer on the loose in a small American town

Crime Drama Horror English

Found-footage-style superhero sci-fi thriller

Action Drama Horror English
Cima Ali Baba

Arabic film

- Comedy Arabic

Director Kenneth Branagh's faithful retelling of the classic fairy tale

Adventure Drama Family English
Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant Action Adventure Comedy Horror English
Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away

Avant garde circus troupe get a 3D cinematic makeover


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