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Arabic film

- Comedy Arabic
Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead

Are we at peak zombie yet? This witty and inventive flick does not think so

Comedy Horror English
Wreck-It Ralph

Video game baddie yearns for the hero life

Animation Comedy Family English
Wrath of the Titans

This is a rare case of a sequel improving on its predecessor

Action Adventure English
World War Z

Brad Pitt battles zombies in this big budget horror flick

Action Drama Horror English
Words and Pictures

Romantic drama with Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche

- Comedy Drama Romance English
Wont Back Down

Confusing melodrama starring Maggie Gyllenhaal

Drama English
Won't Last a Day Without You

Tagalog film

- Comedy Romance Tagalog
Woman in Gold

Powerful true-life tale about World War 2 history starring Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds

Drama English
Wolves at the Door - Horror Thriller English

Teenage years are made all the more difficult for werewolves

- Action Horror English
Wolf Creek 2

Australian slasher movie sequel loses much of the thoughtfulness of the original

Horror Thriller English
Wish Upon

Review: A teen horror with zero originality

Horror Thriller English
Winx Club 3D: Magic Adventure Animation Italian
Winters Tale

Period drama with Russell Crowe, Colin Farrell and a magic horse

- Drama Mystery English
Winter's Dream - Sci-Fi English
Winnie The Pooh

Silver screen retelling of AA Milne classic stories

Animation Family English
Wind River

A top chiller and a great directorial debut

Action Crime Mystery English
Wild Target

High-concept comedy with Bill Nighy and Rupert Grint

Action Comedy Crime English
Wild for the Night - Crime Musical Thriller English
Wild Card - Action Crime Drama English
Wicked Flying Monkeys - Adventure Animation English
Wicked Blood

A family drama with a criminal element stars Sean Bean

- Action Drama Thriller English

One of director Dominic Sena’s previous films was Gone in Sixty Seconds

Action Drama Thriller English
White House Down

Die Hard-like action film with Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum

Action Drama Thriller English

Musical drama about a young drummer with a masochistic teacher

Drama Musical English
Whip It

Intensely sweet roller-derby movie directed by and starring Drew Barrymore

Action Comedy Drama English
Where The Wild Things Are

Disappointing film adaptation from Spike Jonze

Adventure Drama Family English
When In Rome

Keep your coin far away from this toxic fountain of rubbish...

Comedy Romance English
Whatever Works

Many actors have played the Woody Allen role in Woody Allen movies besides Woody Allen, and with mixed success

Comedy Romance English
What's Your Rashee - Comedy Romance Hindi
What We Did on Our Holiday

TV comedy veterans Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin retool their BBC sitcom Outnumbered for the big screen

Comedy Drama English
What to Expect When You're Expecting

Generic comedy on the trials faced by new parents

Comedy Drama Romance English
What If

A rom-com that aims to take a look at that modern dilemma ‘can men and women ever really be just friends

- Romance English
What Happened to Monday - Sci-Fi Thriller English
What Doesn't Kill You

To call Brian Goodman’s well-observed, episodic crime drama/character study a South Boston Irish Mean Streets isn’t too far off the mark

Crime Drama English
We’ll Never Have Paris

Romantic comedy about neurotic twenty-somethings chasing around Paris

- Comedy Romance English
West Is West

Ultimately unexciting sequel to the popular East is East

Comedy Drama English
Were the Millers

Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis make a formidable comedy double act

Comedy Crime English

Courtroom drama meets werewolf horror starring AJ Cook and Sebastian Roche

- Horror English

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