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Name Rating Genre Language
The Last Station Drama English
The Last Stand

Schwarzenegger isn’t quite right for the plot’s easy-going Eastwoodian setup

Action Crime Thriller English
The Last Song

Nicholas Sparks adaptation with Miley Cyrus and inspirational metaphors

Drama Romance English
The Last King - Action Adventure Drama Norwegian
The Last Godfather

Miscalculated 'South Korean mobster comedy' with Harvey Keitel

Comedy English
The Last Flight

Sahara-based romantic drama with Marion Cotillard

Adventure Drama Romance French
The Last Face

Drama directed by Sean Penn

Drama English
The Last Exorcism Part II

Poor horror follow-up is more tedious than terrifying

Horror Thriller English
The Last Exorcism

Daniel Stamm’s faux-documentary about a charlatan exorcist

Horror Thriller English
The Last Days on Mars

Space zombies rampage across Mars in this celestial shocker

Horror Sci-Fi Thriller English
The Last Airbender

M Night Shyamalan’s adaptation of the popular Nickelodeon animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender

Adventure English
The Lady

Excellent political biopic from Luc Besson

Drama English
The King's Speech

Oscar-tipped comedy drama with Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush

Drama English
The King of Fighters

Based on the video game of the same name, the US got it right when they sent this one directly to DVD

Action Sci-Fi English
The Keeping Room - English
The Keeper - Action Crime Thriller English
The Karate Kid

In the first Karate Kid, teenage Daniel and his Jersey mum settle in a modest California suburb

Action Family English
The Jungle Book

Disney’s live-action remake of The Jungle Book is a winner

Adventure Drama Family English
The Judge

Legal drama with Robert Duvall, Robert Downey Jr and Billy Bob Thornton

Drama English
The Joneses

As consumers become hyperaware of – and more immune to – advertising’s effects

Comedy Drama English
The Iron Lady

Oscar nominee is just showcase for Streep's talents

Drama English
The Invitation - Horror Thriller English
The Invisible Woman

The title of Ralph Fiennes’s second film as a director makes it sound like a superhero movie

Biography Drama Romance English
The Invention Of Lying

Ricky Gervais writes, directs and stars

Comedy English
The Internship

Web-age comedy with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson

Comedy English
The Intern

Get a preview of The Intern before watching the movie in cinemas

- Comedy English
The Informant!

Off-kilter Soderbergh spy drama

Drama English
The Infiltrator

Tense drama with Bryan Cranston and Diane Kruger as undercover agents investigating Pablo Escobar

- Biography Crime Drama English
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

Magician comedy with Steve Carell and Jim Carrey

Comedy English
The Impossible

On Boxing Day in 2004 a tsunami hit Thailand

Action Drama Thriller English
The Imitation Game

Oscar-tipped code-cracking biopic drama with Benedict Cumberbatch

Biography Drama Thriller English
The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus

Heath Ledger's final film is a loving yet disappointing fantasy tale

Adventure English
The Illusionauts

Peruvian family animation from established kids’ director Eduardo Schuldt

Adventure Animation English
The Ides of March

Political thriller with George Clooney and Ryan Gosling

Drama English
The Iceman

Overproduced biopic of a mafia man credited with more than 200 murders

Biography Crime Drama English
The Hurt Locker

Oscar favourite directed by Kathryn Bigelow

Action Drama English
The Huntsman: Winters War

Snow White sequel with Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt

Action Adventure Drama English
The Hunted

Spooky found-footage thriller sees hunters become the hunted in West Virginia

- Thriller English
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2

The triumphant finale to The Hunger Games franchise

Adventure Sci-Fi English
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

Part three of the Hunger Games series sees Jennifer Lawrence go to war

Adventure Sci-Fi English

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