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Ninja: Shadow of a Tear

Martial arts film with plenty of kickboxing action and a thin storyline

- Action Crime Thriller English
No Escape

Owen Wilson action thriller about a family caught up in a South East Asian coup

- Action Thriller English

Liam Neeson's latest gun-toting action dad for hire vehicle

Action Mystery Thriller English
Northmen - A Viking Saga

Swiss director Claudio Fäh’s historical action movie

- Action Adventure English
Now You See Me 2

Magic heist movie with Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson and Daniel Radcliffe

Action Comedy Thriller English

Tom Cruise is back doing what he does best: big blockbuster action

Action Adventure Sci-Fi English

Spike Lee-directed thriller with Samuel L ackson and Josh Brolin

Action Drama Mystery English
Olympus Has Fallen

Promising thriller with Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart

Action Thriller English
Once Upon a Time in Venice - Action Comedy Thriller English
Once Upon Ay Time in Mumbai Dobaara!

Hindi film

- Action Crime Drama Hindi
One For The Money

Katherine Heigl in action-romance sans heat or humour

Action Comedy English
One in the Chamber

It’s battle of the bad guys in this action film where Cuba Gooding Jr. plays Ray Carver, a ‘fixer’ who works with the mafia to take people ‘out’

- Action Crime Thriller English
Ong Bak 2 - Action English
Ong Bak 3

Thai martial arts film with Tony Jaa

- Action English Thai
Open Windows

Action thriller taking a sideways look at online celebrity culture starring Elijah Wood

- Action Crime Thriller English
Operation Chromite - Action Drama English

A mysterious warrior joins forces with the offspring of a deposed Chinese Emperor

- Action Adventure English
Outlaws and Angels

Squalid Western with Luke Wilson aims for aim for a Quentin Tarantino-style portrayal of violence

Action Adventure Drama English

Over-the-top action movie with plenty of explosions, car chases and cheesy one-liners

- Action Thriller English
Oz the Great and Powerful

Wizard of Oz prequel with James Franco and Rachel Weisz

Action Adventure English
Pacific Rim

Big budget monumental robot-monster smackdown

Action Adventure English
Pain & Gain

Alien-free action from Michael Bay stars Mark Wahlberg and 'The Rock'

Action Comedy Crime English
Paparazzi - Action Arabic

Dreadful crime thriller with Jason Statham and Jenifer Lopez

Action Crime Thriller English
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

Cinema lovers, you should thank your lucky stars for Kevin James

Action Comedy English
Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Fantasy saga based on the books by US writer Rick Riordan...

Action Adventure English
Perrier's Bounty

People, enough with the faux-hip, slap-happy crime films

Action Comedy Crime Drama English
Phantom - Action Drama Thriller Hindi
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Bloom, Knightley and Depp reunited for the second installment of this swashbuckling tale, where we find Captain Jack in debt to the tentacled Davy Jones

Action Adventure English
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Is fourth Captain Jack Sparrow offering worth it?

Action Adventure English
Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge

Five films in and Johnny Depp's pirate franchise is now sunk

Action Adventure English

All-star cast come together to fight off an alien invasion

- Action Comedy Sci-Fi English

Four British university students plot a diamond heist in this thriller allegedly based on a true story

Action Comedy Crime English

Hindi film

- Action Drama Thriller Hindi
Pocket Listing - Action Comedy Crime English
Point Break - Action Crime English
Poker Night

Serial Killer cat and mouse thriller with Ron Perlman

- Action Crime Thriller English

Hindi film

- Action Comedy Drama Hindi
Pound of Flesh

Somebody has stolen Jean-Claude Van Damme's kidney and he wants it back!

- Action Thriller English
Precious Cargo - Action English

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