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Murder 2

Hindi film

Thriller Hindi
Murder 3

Hindi film

- Thriller Hindi
My Soul to Take

Wes Craven's first horror film since 1994 is formulaic but scary

Horror Thriller English
N.H 10 - Crime Drama Mystery Thriller Hindi

Darkly comic thriller about TV crime news with Jake Gyllenhaal

Crime Drama Thriller English

American martial arts film holds few surprises or thrills

Action Crime Drama Thriller English
Ninja Assassin - Action Crime Drama Thriller English
Ninja: Shadow of a Tear

Martial arts film with plenty of kickboxing action and a thin storyline

- Action Crime Thriller English
No Escape

Owen Wilson action thriller about a family caught up in a South East Asian coup

- Action Thriller English
No Good Deed

Domestic drama starring Idris Elba and Taraji P Henson

- Thriller English
No One Lives

A group of bad guys come face-to-face with a group of even badder guys

Horror Thriller English

Liam Neeson's latest gun-toting action dad for hire vehicle

Action Mystery Thriller English
Nothing But the Truth

Reporter Rachel Armstrong (Kate Beckinsale) breaks an explosive story

- Drama Thriller English
Now You See Me

Magic movie with Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo and Morgan Freeman

Crime Thriller English
Now You See Me 2

Magic heist movie with Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson and Daniel Radcliffe

Action Comedy Thriller English

London prison drama is a modern day version of the classic 'Scum'

Thriller English
Olympus Has Fallen

Promising thriller with Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart

Action Thriller English
Once Upon a Time in Venice - Action Comedy Thriller English
One in the Chamber

It’s battle of the bad guys in this action film where Cuba Gooding Jr. plays Ray Carver, a ‘fixer’ who works with the mafia to take people ‘out’

- Action Crime Thriller English
Only God Forgives

Arty action set in Thailand's murky gangworld stars Ryan Gosling

Crime Drama Thriller English
Open Grave

Phone Box underground

- Horror Mystery Thriller English
Open Windows

Action thriller taking a sideways look at online celebrity culture starring Elijah Wood

- Action Crime Thriller English

Dodgy horror, not much of a cheery summer flick, that's for sure

Horror Thriller English
Ouija: Origin of Evil

A prequel to the moderately successful 2014 Ouija, Origin of Evil is set in 1967

- Horror Thriller English
Our Kind of Traitor

John le Carré’s latest novel to be adapted for screen stars Damian Lewis

Thriller English
Out of the Dark Horror Thriller English
Out of the Furnace - Drama Thriller English

Over-the-top action movie with plenty of explosions, car chases and cheesy one-liners

- Action Thriller English

New movie from the producers of Resident Evil...

Horror Sci-Fi Thriller English

Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman go head-to-head

Drama Thriller English
Paranormal Activity - Horror Thriller English
Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night

Horror sequel gives the American original a Japanese twist

- Horror Thriller Japanese
Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones - Horror Thriller English

Dreadful crime thriller with Jason Statham and Jenifer Lopez

Action Crime Thriller English

Docudrama about the immediate aftermath of JFK's assassination

Drama Mystery Thriller English
Passion Play

All-star cast in straight-to-video-standard trash

Drama Thriller English

Chilling horror film set in an isolated psychiatric ward

- Horror Sci-Fi Thriller English
Patriots Day

A balanced, smart look at a real-life atrocity with Mark Wahlberg

- Drama Thriller English

A thrilling crime drama with lots of police, guns and shooting

- Crime Thriller English
Pay the Ghost

Get a preview of new movie Pay the Ghost before it's released in cinemas

- Horror Thriller English

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