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Freezer - Action Thriller English
From Paris With Love

Tightly wound adventure thriller with John Travolta has comedic touches

Action Crime Thriller English
Furious 7

Late actor Paul Walker’s final appearance in the Fast and Furious franchise

Action Crime Thriller English

Hindi film

- Action Thriller English Hindi
Game of Death

Up-and-down action movie starring Wesley Snipes

Action Adventure Thriller English

The Ugly Truth star Gerard Butler returns to the action fold

Action Sci-Fi Thriller English

A movie with as much explosiveness behind the scenes as up on the screen

- Action Sci-Fi Thriller English
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Sequel to terrible comic book conversion looks a lot better

Action Thriller English
Go with Me Thriller English

Give abduction thriller with Amanda Seyfried a miss

Drama Thriller English
Gone Girl

Ben Affleck’s at his best in this wickedly good Hollywood thriller

Drama Mystery Thriller English
Good Kill

Dour military drama with January Jones and Ethan Hawke

Drama Thriller English
Good People

A young couple are struggling to clear debts and pay the rent on their London flat when things take a turn for the shallow grave

- Action Crime Thriller English
Grabbers - Comedy Sci-Fi Thriller English
Grand Piano

Tense and suspenseful film about a former piano star returning to the stage

- Thriller English

Exceptional space drama with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock

Drama Sci-Fi Thriller English
Green Room - Crime Horror Thriller English
Green Zone

Green Zone reunites the director and star of The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum, Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon

Action Drama Thriller English
Guardian Action Thriller English
Guns, Girls and Gambling

Falsely accused of stealing a priceless Apache artefact from a casino

Crime Thriller English
Hadeed - Action Thriller Arabic
Halloween II

More scary stuff from the famed series

Horror Thriller English
Hatchet II

Functional sequel to slasher tribute

Horror Thriller English
Haunter - Horror Mystery Thriller English
Havenhurst - Horror Thriller English

Steve Soderbergh's impressive girl-power spy thriller

Action Thriller English

Emotional family drama starring Aaraon Paul and Juliette Lewis

- Drama Thriller English
High Lane

There wasn’t much information on French film High Lane floating about at the time of going to press

- Action Adventure Thriller French
Hitman: Agent 47

High-speed action thriller based on a video game series about an assassin

- Action Crime Thriller English

Hindi film directed by A.R. Murugadoss

- Action Romance Thriller Hindi

Jason Statham actioner with James Franco, Winona Ryder and Kate Bosworth

Action Crime Thriller English

Low-rent Seven rip-off, probably one to dodge...

- Crime Drama Horror Thriller English

A race against the clock thriller set amidst the fallout of Hurricane Katrina

Drama Thriller English
House at the End of the Street

Incompetent thriller starring Hunger Games's Jennifer Lawrence

Horror Thriller English
Housebound - Comedy Horror Thriller English
How I Live Now

Adaptation of Meg Rosoff's popular teen novel with Saoirse Ronan

Action Drama Thriller English

Action drama with cinema hard man Jason Statham

Action Thriller English
Hunt to Kill

Straight-to-DVD action romp with wrestler ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin

- Action Thriller English

Brit horror movie with Will Ash and Christine Bottomley

Horror Thriller English
I Am Number Four

Poor teen-friendly thriller that crosses Twilight with aliens

Action Sci-Fi Thriller English

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