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Like Phone Booth. But in an ATM

Horror Thriller English
Atomic Blonde

A new action icon is born. And she rocks

Action Mystery Thriller English

Hindi film

- Action Drama Thriller Hindi

Impressive dystopian thriller with Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith

Sci-Fi Thriller English

For your average, vaguely discerning viewer, Autopsy should hold little appeal

- Horror Thriller English

The year’s biggest event movie is here, but what's it like?

Action Sci-Fi Thriller English
AWOL-72 - Thriller English
Azmat Sharaf

Arabic film

- Thriller Arabic

Hindi film directed by Neeraj Pandey

- Action Crime Mystery Thriller Hindi

Picturesque Canadian camping thriller written and directed by Adam McDonald

- Drama Horror Thriller English
Backtrack - Mystery Thriller English
Badlapur - Crime Drama Thriller Hindi
Badmaash Company

This Indian flick sounds like the sort of thing John Hughes used to make

- Crime Thriller Hindi

Sharks invade a supermarket in this Australian 3D horror

Action Horror Thriller English

Toy-marketing movie pits soldiers against alien action figures

Action Sci-Fi Thriller English
Before I Go to Sleep

High concept amnesia thriller with Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth

Mystery Thriller English
Before I Wake - Horror Thriller English
Beneath the Darkness

Staight-to-DVD teen horror flick

Thriller English
Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

Remake of the Fritz Lang favourite

Drama Thriller English
Black Rock

Budget, female fronted survival slasher written by, directed by and starring Katie Aselton

Horror Thriller English
Black Sea

Modern submarine drama with Jude Law and Jodie Whittaker

Action Thriller English
Blade Runner 2049

Review: A genuine movie event that just smashes it

Sci-Fi Thriller English
Blair Witch

A genuinely terrifying retracing of a classic found footage horror

Horror Thriller

Surly star Jasan Statham returns as a cop trailing a serial killer

Thriller English
Blood - Crime Drama Thriller English
Blood Creek

Nazi zombies and haunted houses in fun horror

Horror Thriller English
Blood Father - Action Thriller English
Blood Ties

Clive Owen, Marion Cotilard, Billy Crudup and Mila Kunis all star in this thriller

- Crime Drama Thriller English

Hindi film

- Thriller Hindi
Boarding Gate

Attractive nonsense in the style of most Vin Diesel films...

Drama Thriller
Bobby Jasoos

Hindi film directed by Samar Shaikh

- Thriller Hindi
Bodom - Horror Mystery Thriller English
Boogeyman 3

College horror will keep teen slasher fans, and few others, happy

- Horror Thriller English
Boyka: Undisputed - Action Crime Thriller English
Boys of Abu Ghraib - Drama Thriller War English

Latest 'man-in-a-box' tale is suffocated by poor direction

Crime Thriller English
Brighton Rock

Bold remake is intelligent and ultimately flawed

Crime Drama Thriller English
Broken City

Political New York thriller with Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe

Crime Drama Thriller English

Bullet is a crime thriller with plenty of action and a weary faced Danny Trejo

- Action Crime Thriller English
Bullet to the Head

Disposable but well-crafted '80s style action flick with Sylvester Stallone

Action Crime Thriller English

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