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The pack - Horror Thriller English
The Pact

Frighteningly intense horror flick which leaves us cold

Horror Mystery Thriller English
The Possession

Nothing you haven't see before from possession horrors

Horror Thriller English
The Possession Experiment - Horror Thriller English
The Possession of Michael King

Found footage horror flick about a documentary maker seeking supernatural answers

- Horror English
The Purge

Dark sci-fi thriller with Ethan Hawke and Lena Heady

Horror Sci-Fi Thriller English
The Purge: Anarchy

This action thriller follows the silly premise of last year’s The Purge

Action Horror Thriller English
The Purge: Election Year

Timely rather than timeless dystopian sci-fi horror sequel

Action Horror Sci-Fi English
The Pyramid

Egyptology horror sees archaeologists awaken and pursued by scary tomb-dwellers

- Horror English
The Quiet Ones

This British horror flick just isn't creepy enough to get under the skin

Horror English
The Recall

For fans of B-movie action movies

Horror Sci-Fi Thriller English
The Remains

A family move into a creepy house and are haunted by possessed antiques

- Horror Thriller English
The Resident

Creepy psychological thriller with Christopher Lee and Hilary Swank

Drama Horror Thriller English
The Rite

Anthony Hopkins stars in this disappointing exorcism thriller

Drama Horror Thriller English
The Shallows

Surfing, sharks and Blake Lively in a wetsuit

- Drama Horror Thriller
The Snowman

Like Eric Morecambe’s piano-playing, this serial-killer misfire hits all the right notes, just not necessarily in the right order

Crime Drama Horror English
The Stepfather - Horror Thriller English
The Stranger

In this mystery horror, written and directed by Guillermo Amoedo, (Knock Knock), a stranger arrives in a small Candian town, looking for his wife

- Drama Horror Mystery English
The Thing

Prequel/remake doesn't live up to John Carpenter's classic

Horror Mystery Sci-Fi English
The Tortured

Twisted thriller sees couple takes revenge on their son's murderer

Horror Thriller English
The Vatican Tapes

Horror flick follows the devastating effect Angela's possession has on those around her

- Horror Thriller English
The Visit

Get a preview of The Visit before you see it in cinemas

- Horror English
The Void

A gloriously unfettered throwback to the wild days of ’80s horror

Horror English
The Ward

Mental institute horror directed by John Carpenter

Horror Thriller English
The Windmill - Drama Horror English
The Witch

Scary movie fans have something terrifying to look forward to

Horror Mystery English
The Wolfman

Gory, gothic take on the classic love story with Emily Blunt

Horror Thriller English
The Woman In Black

Post-Potter Daniel Radcliffe guides us through excellent horror

Drama Horror Thriller English
The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death - Drama Horror Thriller English
They Wait

Returning to North America to attend a funeral following six years spent living in Shanghai

Horror Thriller English
Truth or Dare

British teenage revenge drama with Liam Boyle and Jack Gordon

Horror Thriller English
Tucker & Dale vs Evil

Surprisingly clever take on slasher movie genre

Comedy Horror English

Horror-comedy is writer-director Kevin Smith's most fascinatingly strange movie to date

Comedy Drama Horror English
Underworld: Awakening

Beckinsale is back after break from vampire franchise

Action Horror English
Underworld: Blood Wars - Action Horror English

Unfriended takes places entirely on one teenager’s laptop screen

Horror Thriller English
Unnatural - Action Horror Thriller English
Urban Explorer Horror Thriller English
V/H/S: Viral - Horror Thriller English

Alicia Silverstone as pacifist bloodsucker living in New York City

Comedy Horror Romance English

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