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The Blood Lands

A young urbanite couple move to Scotland, seeking a retreat and some respite from their busy city lives

- Horror Mystery Thriller English
The Blue Elephant

Arabic film

- Action Drama Horror Arabic
The Box

Weird family thriller with Cameron Diaz

Horror English
The Boy - Drama Horror Thriller English
The Bye Bye Man

A bit like Candyman. Only, well, awful. Horror fans may be interested

- Horror Thriller English
The Cabin in the Woods

Funniest horror in years is set to change genre for the better

Horror Thriller English
The Canal

Rupert Evans’ character becomes the prime suspect in a disappearance mystery

- Horror Mystery Thriller English
The Collection - Action Horror Thriller English
The Collector

Horror fans: how much torture can you endure?

Horror Thriller English
The Conjuring

Five star review for this modern horror throwback

Horror Thriller English
The Conjuring 2 - Horror Mystery Thriller English
The Crazies

A government-engineered virus takes down a small middle American town

Horror Sci-Fi English
The Culling

Supernatural horror from the man behind Any Day and The Rapture

- Horror Thriller English
The Darkest Hour

Disappointing horror is nothing new

Action Horror Sci-Fi English
The Descent: Part 2

Continuation of Neil Marshall’s heart-stopping ‘survival horror’ movie

Horror English
The Devil Inside

Questionable found-footage exorcism horror movie

Horror Thriller English
The Devil's Dolls

Guatemalan worry dolls (yes!) are infected by a dying serial killer

- Horror Thriller English
The Devils Tomb

If there’s anything to be gained from this direct-to-DVD offering then perhaps it’s a lesson in the fickle nature of fame

- Action Horror English
The Faith of Anna Waters - Horror English
The Final

Short and unfulfilling horror flick about a group of high school outcasts who set out to get revenge on the students that torment them

Drama Horror Thriller English
The Final Destination

Scary stuff for those who like to jump in the flicks

Horror Thriller English
The Forgotten Ones

So bad that even the filmmakers agreed it was terrible and hastily remade it with a different director and cast as The Lost Tribe (which we doubt is much of an improvement)

- Horror English
The Gallows

A theatrical anniversary is bad noose for a small town in this jumpy horror

- Horror Thriller English
The Girl with all the Gifts

Radical and brilliant futuristic zombie movie injects life into the genre

- Drama Horror Thriller
The Grudge 3

Much like its murderous, ghostly children, The Grudge series should have left this world long ago, but will apparently continue on forever

- Horror Thriller English
The Haunting in Connecticut

A family moves to a house that turns out to be a former mortuary and violent, paranormal events ensue

- Horror English
The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia

Perplexingly titled – and thoroughly dreadful – sequel to 2009’s horror film

Drama Horror Thriller English
The Hoarder

Mischa Barton enlists her friend to help uncover her partner's affair

- Horror Thriller English
The Hole

For the first hour of this haphazard 3D adventure, it feels as though director Joe ‘the subversive Spielberg’ Dante has never been away

Horror Thriller English
The House on Pine Street

Atmospheric horror is a rural revamp of Rosemary’s Baby

Drama Horror English
The Invitation - Horror Thriller English
The Last Days on Mars

Space zombies rampage across Mars in this celestial shocker

Horror Sci-Fi Thriller English
The Last Exorcism

Daniel Stamm’s faux-documentary about a charlatan exorcist

Horror Thriller English
The Last Exorcism Part II

Poor horror follow-up is more tedious than terrifying

Horror Thriller English
The Lazarus Effect

Thrilling horror with scientific back story and plenty of shocks

- Horror Thriller English
The Moth Diaries

Vampire-as-school drama is little more than Twilight-lite

Horror English
The Neighbor - Crime Horror Thriller English
The Neon Demon

Style with more than a little substance in this fashion thriller

- Horror Thriller English
The New Daughter

Kevin Costner and Samantha Mathis star in this routine horror

Horror Thriller English
The Other Side of the Door - Horror English

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