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Purgatory - Horror English
Raaz Reboot - Horror Mystery Romance Hindi

No budget action drama with a female lead and impressive performances

Action Horror English

Blended horror crime flick with Vinnie Jones and Danny Trejo

- Crime Horror Sci-Fi English
Red Lights

Robert De Niro in average paranormal suspense thriller

Drama Horror Thriller English
Red Riding Hood

Daft retelling of the Grimm classic fairytale

Drama Horror English
Resident Evil: Afterlife

Globe-trotting sequel to the popular video game adaptation

Action Horror Sci-Fi Thriller English
Resident Evil: Retribution

A cacophony of abstract action-horror mayhem

Action Horror Sci-Fi English
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter - Action Horror Sci-Fi English

Cheap, lazy and as scary as a wet weekend

Drama Horror English
Rise of the Zombie

Survivors of a zombie apocalypse take shelter in Alcatraz

Horror Thriller English
Saw 7

Seventh and (allegedly) final instalment in the Saw series. In 3D

Horror Thriller English
Saw VI

This fifth sequel is less bad than the fourth, worth a watch...

Crime Horror Thriller English
Scare Campaign - Horror English
Scream 4

Ghostface returns for yet another killing spree

Horror Thriller English
Sector 7

Korean film

- Action Adventure Horror Korean

This week’s outdated B-movie horror is about a crazed serial killer

- Horror Thriller English
Shark Night

3D Jaws clone stranded in the shallow end of the pool

Horror Thriller English
Sharknado 2: The Second One

A sweet film with lots of chirpy songs for kids to enjoy

- Horror Sci-Fi Thriller English
Sharknado 3

Third installment of this barmy franchise about a shark-bearing wind system

- Horror Sci-Fi English
Silent Hill: Revelation

Video-game inspired horror flick with nightmarish special effects

Horror Mystery Thriller English
Silent House

Horror remake fails to repair plotholes in Uruguayan original

Drama Horror Thriller English

Competent found-footage creepiness that doesn't end well

Horror Thriller English
Soldiers of the Damned - Action Horror Thriller English
Sorority Row

It’s stalk ’n’ slash remake time again and this time with reality TV queen Audrina Partridge

Horror Thriller English

Despite the fancy of-the-moment talk about genetic manipulation, cloning and whatnot, there’s a strangely retro vibe to Splice

Horror Sci-Fi English

Earnest monster movie with Shea Whigham and Paulo Costanzo

Drama Horror Thriller English

Details of Split in cinemas in Dubai. Get screening times at all cinemas in Dubai, and reviews, trailers, interviews and more

- Horror Thriller English
Storage 24

British horror with flesh-ripping aliens in storage boxes

Horror Sci-Fi English
Super Hybrid

Horror film about a murderous car (really) is more car crash than smash hit

- Horror Sci-Fi Thriller English
Tales of Halloween - Horror English
Texas Chainsaw

Updated slasher movie with Scott Eastwood. In 3D!

Horror Mystery Thriller English
The Apparition

Ghostly goings-on and little else in shockingly bad shocker

Horror Thriller English
The Atticus Institute - Drama Horror Thriller English
The Awakening

Post-WWI ghost story with daft ending

Horror Thriller English
The Babadook Drama Horror Thriller English
The Barrens

Paranoid horror film about a family on vacation being pursued by a demon. Or are they?

- Horror English
The Bay

Eco horror offers genuine chills from director Barry Levinson

Horror Sci-Fi Thriller English
The Belko Experiment

Wolf Creek’s Greg McLean directs this satirical gorefest

- Action Horror Thriller English
The Blackout

Obscure creature feature will appeal to monster fans

- Horror English

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