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Fading of the Cries - Horror English
Feng Shui 2

Tagalog film directed by Chito S. Roño

- Horror Mystery Thriller Tagalog
Final Destination 5

Part five of the underrated sees more elaborate on-screen deaths

Horror Thriller English
Frankenstein - Horror Thriller English
Frankenweenie Animation Comedy Horror English
Fright Night

Lifeless 3D remake of Tom Holland's 1985 horror comedy

Comedy Horror English

Horror western with Wesley Snipes. You've been warned

- Action Horror English

Italian horror maestro Argento does little to appease the critics who feasted on his last few disasters, Do You Like Hitchcock? and The Card Player

- Horror English

What's sad is that Sean Stone didn't bother trying to come up with an idea worthy of daddy Oliver's name

Horror English
Green Room - Crime Horror Thriller English
Halloween II

More scary stuff from the famed series

Horror Thriller English
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

Fairy tale characters have grown up. But they still hate witches!

Action Horror English
Hatchet II

Functional sequel to slasher tribute

Horror Thriller English
Hatchet III

Third instalment of haunting and brutal slasher flick

- Action Comedy Horror English

A family move into a house with a tainted history, and when one of the children and a neighbour discover a radio that can communicate with the dead

- Horror Mystery English
Haunter - Horror Mystery Thriller English
Havenhurst - Horror Thriller English

Demon 'hoodies' prowling the streets of London?

Drama Horror English
Hellions - Horror

Patchy supernatural black comedy with Daniel Radcliffe

Drama Horror English

Low-rent Seven rip-off, probably one to dodge...

- Crime Drama Horror Thriller English
House at the End of the Street

Incompetent thriller starring Hunger Games's Jennifer Lawrence

Horror Thriller English
Housebound - Comedy Horror Thriller English

Brit horror movie with Will Ash and Christine Bottomley

Horror Thriller English
In Fear

Shot on location using only a spare plot outline, improvised scenes and spontaneous performances

Horror Mystery Thriller English
In Their Skin Horror Thriller English

Haunted house thriller with Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne

Horror Thriller English
Insidious: Chapter 2

Silly haunted house sequel is all deafening noises and laughable nonsense

Horror Thriller English
Insidious: Chapter 3

Horror prequel gives fans a deep insight into the origins of psychic Elise Rainer

Horror English
It Drama Horror English
It Comes at Night

Review: A nerve-shredding thriller from 28-year-old director Trey Edward Shults

Horror Mystery English
It Follows

The most unexpected and downright unnerving fright flick in years

Horror Mystery English
It's a Wonderful Afterlife

One-for-the-mums rom-com dashed with brutal slayings and trashy gore

Comedy Horror English

American Horror thriller about a woman coping after a terror car crash

- Horror Thriller English
Knight of the Dead - Action Horror English
Krampus - Comedy Horror English

Student slasher movie about a campus girl's fight against an evil hooded gang

- Horror Thriller English
Leatherface - Horror Thriller English
Lemon Tree Passage

Australian horror inspired by real life events stars Jessica Tovey and Nicholas Gunn

- Horror Mystery Thriller English
Let Me In

English remake of a cult Vampire movie actually improves on the original

Drama Horror English

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