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Nuanced 1930s crime thriller with Guy Pearce and Gary Oldman

Crime Drama English
Leaves of Grass

Edward Norton's genre-defying comedy is a mostly mirthless affair

Comedy Crime Drama Thriller English
Life of Crime

Elmore Leonard crime novel adaptation with Jennifer Aniston and Isla Fisher

Comedy Crime English
Live by Night - Crime Drama English
London Boulevard

Poor adaptation of novel about romance between film star and ex-con

Crime Drama Romance English
London Has Fallen - Action Crime Thriller English

Violent Tarantino spin-off with Robert DeNiro and Steven Seagal

Action Crime Thriller English
Machete Kills

Part three of Robert Rodriguez's spoof-trailer turned trashy B-Movie

- Action Crime Thriller English
Machine Gun Preacher

Gerard Butler as Hell's-Angel-turned-church-builder

Action Crime English
Madaari - Adventure Crime Drama Hindi
Madeas Witness Protection

Tyler Perry's comic creation is back with Eugene Levy and Denise Richards

Comedy Crime Drama English
Malavita: The Family

Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer and Tommy Lee Jones all star

Action Comedy Crime English
Man on a Ledge

Sam Worthington fails to shine in poor thriller

Crime Thriller English
Manhattan Nocturne

Thriller adapted from the Colin Harrison novel of the same name.

- Crime Drama Mystery English
Mechanic: Resurrection

Globe-trotting hitman Jason Statham is back in cinemas

- Action Crime Thriller English
Mesrine: Death Instinct

Vincent Cassel snarls and swaggers his way into the acting big league as Jacques Mesrine

Crime French
Mesrine: Public Enemy No. 1

While Mesrine: Death Instinct chronicled the ascendancy of Vincent Cassel’s cocksure French crim

Action Crime Drama English
Miracle At St. Anna Action Crime Drama Thriller English
Money Monster

Tense thriller with George Clooney, Jack O'Connell and Julia Roberts

Crime Drama Thriller English

Gritty East London crime thriller with Michelle Fairley

- Action Crime Drama English
Mr. 73

This French feature from writer, director and former policeman Olivier Marchal

- Crime Drama French
Mr. Holmes

Ian McKellen plays supersleuth Sherlock Holmes as a cantankerous 93-year-old

Crime Drama Mystery English
N.H 10 - Crime Drama Mystery Thriller Hindi
Need for Speed

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul in this car chase video game remake

Action Crime Drama English
Next Day Air

Violent comedy with Mike Epps and Wood Harris

Action Comedy Crime English

Darkly comic thriller about TV crime news with Jake Gyllenhaal

Crime Drama Thriller English

American martial arts film holds few surprises or thrills

Action Crime Drama Thriller English
Ninja Assassin - Action Crime Drama Thriller English
Ninja: Shadow of a Tear

Martial arts film with plenty of kickboxing action and a thin storyline

- Action Crime Thriller English
Now You See Me

Magic movie with Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo and Morgan Freeman

Crime Thriller English
Officer Down

Straight up cop thriller about an officer with a shady past

Crime Drama English
Once Upon a Time in Mumbai

Hindi film

- Crime Drama Hindi
Once Upon Ay Time in Mumbai Dobaara!

Hindi film

- Action Crime Drama Hindi
One in the Chamber

It’s battle of the bad guys in this action film where Cuba Gooding Jr. plays Ray Carver, a ‘fixer’ who works with the mafia to take people ‘out’

- Action Crime Thriller English
Only God Forgives

Arty action set in Thailand's murky gangworld stars Ryan Gosling

Crime Drama Thriller English
Open Windows

Action thriller taking a sideways look at online celebrity culture starring Elijah Wood

- Action Crime Thriller English
Pain & Gain

Alien-free action from Michael Bay stars Mark Wahlberg and 'The Rock'

Action Comedy Crime English

Dreadful crime thriller with Jason Statham and Jenifer Lopez

Action Crime Thriller English

A thrilling crime drama with lots of police, guns and shooting

- Crime Thriller English
Perrier's Bounty

People, enough with the faux-hip, slap-happy crime films

Action Comedy Crime Drama English

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