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Killer Elite

May the best killer win as Jason Statham and Clive Owen clash

Action Thriller English

Be afraid, be very afraid: Killers distributor Lionsgate has taken the unusual step of ensuring its Ashton Kutcher/Katherine Heigl

Action Comedy English
Killing Season

Two veterans of the Balkan war play a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse

Action Thriller English
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Guy Ritchie's revamp of the King Arthur legend finally arrives in cinemas

Action Adventure Drama English
Kings of Egypt - Action Adventure English
Kingsman: The Golden Circle

James Bond’s anarchic younger brother is back

- Action Adventure Comedy English
Kingsman: The Secret Service

Pastiching James Bond is hardly a new idea (see Woody Allen in the 1967 Casino Royale, not to mention the entire Austin Powers franchise)

Action Adventure Comedy English

Revenge thriller with Samuel L.Jackson and Callan McAuliffe

- Action Drama English

The push to popularise Bollywood in the West in the wake of Slumdog Millionaire takes an interesting turn with Kites

Action Romance Thriller Hindi
Kites: The Remix

Hollywood-inspired version of Hrithik Roshan's latest movie

Action Romance Thriller English
Knight and Day

Many star-studded blockbusters are all about the abs, but – if we’re to go by the grins that Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz flash with abando

Action Comedy English
Knight of the Dead - Action Horror English

This coming-of-age boxing flick sees the spectacled and bookish new kid in town go from bullied loner to a champion in the ring

- Action Family English

Oscar-nominated Norwegian-English film about the famed expedition

Action Adventure English
Kong: Skull Island

Apocalypse Now, but now with added ape action

- Action Adventure English
Kung Fu Dunk

When an orphaned baby is found next to a basketball court, he is brought up in a tough kung fu school and becomes the star warrior

- Action English
Kung Fu Master

Jackie Chan in a familiar role as a kung fu expert tutoring a boy

Action Comedy Family English Mandarin
Kung Fu Panda 2

Dreamworks' animated sequal sees return of Po and Co

Action Adventure Animation English
Kung Fu Panda 3

Jack Black's hugely successful panda is back with an all-star animated cast

- Action Adventure Animation English
La Linea

This action/crime/drama starring Ray Liotta and Andy Garcia is a tale about the kingpin of a Tijuana

- Action Crime Drama Thriller English
Lady Bloodfight - Action Crime Drama English
Largo Winch - Action Thriller French
Last Knights

In this Game of Thrones-style adventure film of embattled kingdoms, knights and soldiers

- Action Adventure English
Last Passenger

Low-budget, London-set thriller with Dougary Scott and Kara Tointon

Action Mystery Thriller English
Left Behind

Incredibly bad sci-fi disaster film with Nicholas Cage and Chad Michael Murray

Action Sci-Fi Thriller English
Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit

Kung Fu Panda rip-off about an overweight Rabbit chef who becomes tas unlikely martial arts master

- Action Adventure Animation English Mandarin
Legendary: Tomb of the Dragon - Action Adventure English
Let the Bullets Fly

Highly-choreographed and an attempt at a clever, twist-filled plot

Action English Mandarin
Lies & Illusions

Diamond heist thriller with Christian Slater, Cuba Gooding Jr. and a twist

Action Comedy Thriller English
Little Big Soldier

Unpredictable and highly entertaining Eastern western with Jackie Chan

Action Comedy English

Occasionally fun action throwback with Guy Pearce

Action Sci-Fi Thriller English

Comic book road movie is Hugh Jackman's swansong as Wolverine

Action Drama Sci-Fi English
London Has Fallen - Action Crime Thriller English
Lone Survivor

Unimpressive Navy Seals in Afghanistan drama with Mark Wahlberg

Action Biography Drama English

Time travel thriller with Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Action Sci-Fi Thriller English
Lost in the Sun - Action Drama Thriller English

We begin, as in 2001: A Space Odyssey, at the dawn of man – no joke – with a vaguely humanoid simian scooping water into its mouth

Action Sci-Fi English

Violent Tarantino spin-off with Robert DeNiro and Steven Seagal

Action Crime Thriller English
Machete Kills

Part three of Robert Rodriguez's spoof-trailer turned trashy B-Movie

- Action Crime Thriller English
Machine Gun Preacher

Gerard Butler as Hell's-Angel-turned-church-builder

Action Crime English

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