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Action romp about an ex-con out to avenge his brother’s murder

Action Crime Drama English
Fetih 1453: Battle of Two Empires

Turkey's most expensive film ever has plenty to offer

Action Adventure Drama English
Fifty Dead Men Walking

Kari Skogland’s conventional action-thriller

Action Thriller English
Fire with Fire

Watchable action thriller with Bruce Willis and Rosario Dawson

Action Crime Drama English
First Kill - Action Thriller English

Computer-animated caper with Charlie Sheen and Hilary Duff

Action Animation Comedy English

Hindi film

- Action Romance Hindi
Force 2 - Action Adventure Crime Hindi
Force of Execution

Steven Seagal and Danny Trejo action flick about crime lords and under bosses

- Action Crime English

Robert De Nero and 50 Cent in New York cop movie

Action Crime Drama English
Freezer - Action Thriller English
From Paris With Love

Tightly wound adventure thriller with John Travolta has comedic touches

Action Crime Thriller English

Classic Disney animation which ticks all the boxes

Action Adventure Animation English
Furious 7

Late actor Paul Walker’s final appearance in the Fast and Furious franchise

Action Crime Thriller English

Old-fashioned Second World War epic with Brad Pitt and Shia LaBoeuf

Action Drama War English
G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Will The Rock be wooden playing a plastic action figure?

Action Adventure Sci-Fi English
G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra

It’s fair to say that expectations were low for GI Joe

Action English
Gabbar is Back - Action Crime Drama Hindi

Horror western with Wesley Snipes. You've been warned

- Action Horror English

Hindi film

- Action Thriller English Hindi
Game of Death

Up-and-down action movie starring Wesley Snipes

Action Adventure Thriller English
Game Over

Arabic film

- Action Drama Arabic

The Ugly Truth star Gerard Butler returns to the action fold

Action Sci-Fi Thriller English
Gangster Squad

Gangster movie with Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone

Action Crime Drama English

Animated 3D cat's tale from Argentina

Action Family Spanish

A movie with as much explosiveness behind the scenes as up on the screen

- Action Sci-Fi Thriller English
Get Lucky

Low budget British crime thriller from director Sacha Bennett

- Action English

Selena Gomez stars alongside Ethan Hawke in this thriller

Action Crime English
Ghayal Once Again - Action Hindi
Ghost in the Shell Action Drama Sci-Fi English
Ghost Machine

Brit flick straddles the horror and sci-fi genres

Action Sci-Fi English
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Sequel to terrible comic book conversion looks a lot better

Action Thriller English
Ghostbusters - Action Comedy Sci-Fi English
Go Goa Gone

Hindi film

- Action Adventure Comedy Hindi

Spoiler alert: Godzilla has flattened Tokyo, made a fool of himself in New York and teamed up with a cute sidekick

Action Adventure Sci-Fi English
Golmaal Again - Action Comedy Hindi
Good People

A young couple are struggling to clear debts and pay the rent on their London flat when things take a turn for the shallow grave

- Action Crime Thriller English

A family Halloween movie with monsters and a touch of young romance, Goosebumps is Jack Black’s latest comedy caper

- Action Adventure Comedy English
Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds as the emerald-coloured galaxy protector

Action Crime Sci-Fi English
Green Street 3: Never Back Down

Green Street 3: Never Back Down movie set in London’s East End

Action Drama English

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