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Horror movies set on planes tend to be pretty harrowing, and this one looks to be no exception

- Action Horror Mystery English Japanese
A Walk Among the Tombstones

Private investigator Liam Neeson is hired by a drug lord to find out who killed his wife

- Action Crime Mystery English

Christina Ricci speaks to mortician Liam Neeson after her untimely death

Drama Horror Mystery English
Alex Cross

Sensory silliness starring Tyler Perry as eponymous hero

Action Crime Mystery English

Hindi film directed by Neeraj Pandey

- Action Crime Mystery Thriller Hindi
Before I Go to Sleep

High concept amnesia thriller with Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth

Mystery Thriller English
Closed Circuit

Online spying and domestic terrorism are the subjects of this ropey thriller

Crime Drama Mystery English
Devils Pass - Mystery Thriller English
El Ott - Mystery Thriller Arabic

Split personality drama with Jake Gyllenhaal

Mystery Thriller English
Escape Plan

Schwarzenegger and Stallone reteam for ANOTHER bruising action vehicle

Action Mystery Thriller English
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Adaptation of novel about boy who lost his dad in 9/11 attack

Adventure Drama Mystery English
Feng Shui 2

Tagalog film directed by Chito S. Roño

- Horror Mystery Thriller Tagalog
Gone Girl

Ben Affleck’s at his best in this wickedly good Hollywood thriller

Drama Mystery Thriller English

A family move into a house with a tainted history, and when one of the children and a neighbour discover a radio that can communicate with the dead

- Horror Mystery English
Haunter - Horror Mystery Thriller English

Brilliant drama set in fictional Middle Eastern country

Drama Mystery War English

Christopher Nolan’s overwhelming, immersive and time-bending space epic

Adventure Mystery Sci-Fi English
Last Passenger

Low-budget, London-set thriller with Dougary Scott and Kara Tointon

Action Mystery Thriller English
N.H 10 - Crime Drama Mystery Thriller Hindi

Liam Neeson's latest gun-toting action dad for hire vehicle

Action Mystery Thriller English
Odd Thomas

Horror movie based on the Dean Koontz novel of the same name

- Comedy Horror Mystery English

Spike Lee-directed thriller with Samuel L ackson and Josh Brolin

Action Drama Mystery English
Open Grave

Phone Box underground

- Horror Mystery Thriller English

Docudrama about the immediate aftermath of JFK's assassination

Drama Mystery Thriller English
Penthouse North - Drama Mystery Thriller English
Safe House

Daniel Espinosa’s slick, hacky thriller alternates between hyperactive skulduggery and moody men-on-a-mission existentialism

Action Crime Mystery English
Silent Hill: Revelation

Video-game inspired horror flick with nightmarish special effects

Horror Mystery Thriller English
Texas Chainsaw

Updated slasher movie with Scott Eastwood. In 3D!

Horror Mystery Thriller English
The Bourne Legacy

Jeremy Renner takes over from Matt Damon in excellent sequel

Action Adventure Mystery English
The Factory

John Cusack stars in this NYC physiological thriller

- Crime Mystery Thriller English
The Maze Runner

Lord of The Flies meets Lost in this teen flick with Hunger Games undertones

- Action Mystery Sci-Fi English
The Pact

Frighteningly intense horror flick which leaves us cold

Horror Mystery Thriller English
The Tall Man Crime Drama Mystery English
The Thing

Prequel/remake doesn't live up to John Carpenter's classic

Horror Mystery Sci-Fi English
Winters Tale

Period drama with Russell Crowe, Colin Farrell and a magic horse

- Drama Mystery English

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