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Name Rating Genre Language
Zero - Drama Social Arabic
Zanket Al Sittat Comedy Romance Arabic

Arabic film

- Comedy Arabic
Youm Min Al Ayam - Romance Arabic
Youm Malosh Lazma - Comedy Arabic
Yome Ma Etabilna

Arabic film

- Arabic
Yom Lel Sattat - Drama Arabic
Yej3alho Amer - Arabic
X Large

Arabic film

- Comedy Arabic
Welad Rizk - Action Arabic
Welad El Balad

Arabic film

- Comedy Arabic
Welaane - Action Comedy Arabic
Wahed Sahih

Arabic film

- Romance Arabic
Wahed Saaidy - Comedy Arabic

Groundbreaking Saudi film which took top prize at Dubai International Film Festival last year

- Drama Arabic

Arabic film directed by Elie F. Habib

- Comedy Arabic
Villa 69 - Drama Arabic
Very Big Shot - Action Arabic
Valley of the Wolves: Palestine

Arabic film

- Action Adventure Arabic
Tom Wa Jimi

Arabic film

- Comedy Arabic
Tisbah ala Khair - Drama Arabic
The Worthy

Mad Max meets the Middle East in Ali F. Mostafa's latest

- Thriller Arabic
The Viral Factor

Hong Kong thriller about an secret agent on a family mission

- Action Drama Arabic English Mandarin
The Dream of a Butterfly

During the Second World War in the Black Sea city of Zonguldak

- Drama Arabic Turkish
The Citizen - Drama Arabic English
The Blue Elephant

Arabic film

- Action Drama Horror Arabic
Teta Rahiba

Translates as My Horrible Grandma, this Arabic movie is a story about young man’s trials with his controlling grandmother

- Comedy Arabic
Telk Al Ayam

Arabic film

- Drama Thriller Arabic
Teer Enta - Comedy Arabic

Arabic film

- Comedy Arabic
Tak Tak Boom

Arabic film

- Comedy Arabic
Taht El Tarabiza - Comedy Arabic
Swalef Tafash - Comedy Arabic
Suniya Fi Masr

Arabic film directed by Amr Salama and Fadel El Garhy

- Comedy Arabic
Sou2 Tafahom - Comedy Arabic
Shimal Ya Dunia - Drama Arabic
Shad Agza - Arabic
Sea Shadow

UAE movie tells story of two teenagers growing up in Ras Al Khaimah

Drama Arabic
Sayad Al Yamam

Arabic film

- Drama Arabic
Sameer Abu Elneel

Arabic film

- Comedy Arabic

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