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Zombie 108

Billed as Taiwan’s first zombie film, this movie is a low budget effort directed and written by Joe Chien

- Horror Sci-Fi English Japanese Mandarin
The Viral Factor

Hong Kong thriller about an secret agent on a family mission

- Action Drama Arabic English Mandarin
Tai Chi Zero

The battle at the centre of this self-proclaimed ‘steampunk-kung fu’ hybrid pits the forces of tradition against those of modernity

Action Drama English Mandarin
Switch III

Daft martial arts movie where the protagonists go in search of an ancient scroll

Action English Mandarin
Reign of Assassins

Directed by Su Chao-Pin under the guidance of high-impact genre guru John Woo

Action English Mandarin
Mr. Go - Action Comedy Drama English Korean Mandarin
Let the Bullets Fly

Highly-choreographed and an attempt at a clever, twist-filled plot

Action English Mandarin
Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit

Kung Fu Panda rip-off about an overweight Rabbit chef who becomes tas unlikely martial arts master

- Action Adventure Animation English Mandarin
Kung Fu Master

Jackie Chan in a familiar role as a kung fu expert tutoring a boy

Action Comedy Family English Mandarin
Jungle Master Adventure Animation Comedy English Mandarin
Dragon Blade - Action Adventure Drama English Mandarin
Detective Dee: Mystery of the Phantom Flame

Director Tsui Hark’s flamboyant and kinetic martial arts action adventure

Action Adventure Crime Mandarin Spanish
Birth of a Dragon - Action Biography Drama English Mandarin

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