Doha wins 2019 IAAF World Championships bid

Another sporting win for Qatar will see top athletics stars come to Doha

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Best spa deals in Doha this month

Lychees, mud and more things to rub on your body to relax this month

Food events in Doha: November

15 fantastic foodie events in Doha this month

Nightlife in Doha: November

10 parties to check out this month in Doha

FINA World Swimming Championships 2014

The world’s best swimmers are making their way to Doha in December

How to be a Doha DJ

Tobias Sabido explains what you need to become a disc jockey

Choosing the right school in Doha

Don't rush into selecting a school for your children. Let us help

Time Out Hokkaido guide

Visit North Island Hokkaido to get away from the hubbub of Tokyo

The history of Dracula

The history of Dracula in film, in literature, and in life as Vald the Impaler

Sticky toffee pudding recipe

Expert pastry chef Richard Bancroft shares a seasonal pudding recipe

Life coaching in the Middle East

Helping expat women define and reach their goals

Macrobiotics in Doha

How to get your body and mind in order through macrobiotics and Shiatsu

Sound of Music in Doha

10 reasons to really love the Doha-bound musical

First class travel envy

Seven hours of being so close yet so far meant torment for Patrick Hulbert

Oussama Mellouli interview

Olympic gold medallist on swimming, challenges and FINA 2014 in Doha

Things to do in Doha: November 1-7

Brazil festival, Galacian food, deluxe disco and more

Things to do in Doha: November 8-15

Qatar Boat show, horse riding, family picnic and more things to do

Things to do in Doha: November 16-22

Breakdancing to Bach, early Thanksgiving, family fun and more

Things to do in Doha: November 23-30

Jazz in the park, Japanese food, Sound of Music and more

Mohammed Harib interview

Mohammed Harib is one of the directors of Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet


The Knowledge

Tamper-proof taxis
Sep 21

Tamper-proof meters have been installed in Doha taxis in a bid to crackdown on unscrupulous drivers

Megahotel merger
Sep 15

Three Doha hotels have merged to create Qatar's first Marriott Marquis-branded hotel

Zero gravity trips
Sep 11

Experiencing the sensation of weightlessness has been something only astronauts and military pilots have been able to do


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