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Green fingers

Time Out visits a green centre keen to get you planting trees, if not hugging them. Fi Murray finds out why plants mean prizes

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Toastmasters in Doha

Time Out talks the talk with a group dedicated to helping mumblers and shoe gazers overcome their glossophobia

Animal welfare in Doha

We catch up with the Qatar Animal Welfare Society, as it attempts to rehome animals following the fire at its shelter

The Doha Players

Time Out catches up with the Doha Players to find out more about their performances and turbulent history

Life in Doha

Al Jazeera presenter Kamahl Santamaria tells us about his life in Doha

Animals in Doha

Time Out visits the sanctuary helping to bring the Arabian oryx back from the brink of extinction

Expats in Doha

British expat, Chris Coull, tells us about his life in Qatar and about the Doha Jazz group



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